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Exploring pancake island

It’s true, one would not find hills on Lolland - but if you are a fan of beautiful lakes or historic cathedrals. Michaela Medvedova unveils the island’s beauty.

Pictures: Terumi Mascarenhas

Although Lolland has many varied areas, we would like to focus on four of our top picks.

A relaxing day on the water in Maribo

Maribo, the administrative centre of the Lolland Municipality, is home to the newly-opened Lolland International School - the first public international school in the country which is fully funded by the municipality. Offering bilingual education will mainly be aimed at children from international families coming to Lolland to construct the Fehmarn Belt Link.

The city lies amid Maribo Lakes Natural Park, a system of four lakes visitors can explore with a boat tour. The area also has sightings of unique species of birds - and you can add the magnificent Maribo Cathedral to the view! Situated on the banks of one of the lakes, the 15th-century structure was later restored to its original Middle Ages look.

The cathedral is not the only source of history in the area of Maribo. The Maribo Lakes Natural Park is also the home of the Open Air Museum, where visitors can experience life and witness the architecture of days gone by.

In search of great music? Every year in July, Maribo gathers top-notch jazz musicians for Maribo Jazz, teaser headlines of “Danmarks hyggeligste jazzfestival”.

Future in the Nakskov Fjord

At the mouth of the Nakskov Fjord, a wildlife reserve lies the biggest city of Lolland - Nakskov. Coming to life in the 13th-century as a market town, visitors can admire a piece of Danish history as they walk on one of the country’s oldest pedestrian streets or admire the Nakskov Church (Sankt Nikolai Kirke) with historical carvings originating in the Baroque period.

But the city does not dwell on its history - Nakskov is looking ahead with a development initiative, Nakskov 2030, to propel the town into the future, strengthen it as Lolland’s centre, and attract visitors to the island. It will consist of 12 projects focused on improving urban spaces and creating new experiences. The development will take place in three areas - the historic city centre, Nakskov’s active harbour, and Hestehoved - the area and beach lying close to the fjord.

Both Nakskov and Maribo are also the home of FrivilligCenter Lolland, the volunteer organisation that supports and strengthens all voluntary associations in the municipality.

Ready, set, go! Get active in Rødby

An area in the south of Lolland is where the action is. The originally Medieval city of Rødby - and now a ferry centre of the island - is the place to visit for a bit of adrenaline-filled fun. The parachute club in the area offers the highest tandem jump in Denmark!

Rødby is also where you can learn more about the construction of the Fehmarn Belt Link, which will connect Rødbyhavn with Germany. The tunnel, which will bring many international workers into the area, is scheduled to open in 2029 and will significantly cut down the travel time from Denmark to Germany.

Tour de islands

While the Lolland Municipality has its centre on the island, the name it carries also includes an array of islands lying close to Lolland. Visitors can enjoy a lovely vacation in a summerhouse area on Fejø or enjoy a visit to a 13th-century church on Askø.

And every summer since 1971, the island of Femø welcomes over two hundred women who gather there for a women’s camp - Kvindelejren - where women from Denmark and abroad gather and spend their holiday together for 8-9 weeks. Every week carries a different theme - from sports week to debate week - and the friendly atmosphere of the camp guarantees many returning faces.

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