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Editor & Founder

Lyndsay has more than twenty years' experience in the advertising and publishing industry, and holds degrees in Business and Desktop Publishing (print and repro). Born in the UK, and brought up in South Africa, she has the ability to understand different cultures, and is passionate about networking. She is a wife of twenty three years and mother to two boys aged 22 and 16. She loves travel, photography, art and singing rock and blues.

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Head of Social Media



Managing Director & Partner

Kenneth is a Nordic Financial Manager in the Transport industry. His degree is in Finance and business obtained in the UK. Born in Norway he moved to Denmark at the age of 22. He is of Danish Scottish ancestry and lives in southern Denmark with his large multi-national family. consisting of Danish, Irish. and Brazilian heritage. He is always interested in new challenges and loves to live life to the fullest.

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Catherine manages our SoMe team. Originally from DC, she is currently in her honeymoon phase with Copenhagen and loves it here. A passion for traveling, meeting new people, and dabbling in other artistic endeavors outside of social media, like illustration, graphic design and podcasting keeps her busy.

Social Media Team



Ambassador for Billund

Neelam is from India and has been living in Denmark for more than a year. She's a marketer by profession working with Flipkart, India's largest ecommerce company. She loves traveling and so far has visited 30 countries and plans to do many more once things get back to normal. Her other interests include photography, cooking and yoga.

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Ambassador for Odense

Miška comes from Slovakia and moved to Denmark in August 2018 with her boyfriend to do their Master's degrees.
Odense is the perfect city for her because it's not too large to be intimidating, but it's still exciting! She's in her last year of studies, works part-time in a fintech company and started a podcast with her friends - @humans.of.sdu. She loves watching and talking about movies, Harry Potter, karaoke nights (even though she can't sing to save her life), and pub quizzes (winning them, to be specific).

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Ambassador for Aalborg

Aina is a Clinical Psychologist from Pakistan who is currently residing in Aalborg, Denmark. She's working with the International Staff Unit, Aalborg University as a  Project manager (volunteer). She has conducted mental well being seminars and is actively helping clients overcome the hurdles associated with working from home during the Covid-19 pandemic. 

Aina is an outgoing, inspirational blogger. She loves to travel, take photos and connect with her viewers on a personal level by sharing her daily activities with a hint of reflections as a psychologist.

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Ambassador for Roskilde

Katie is from the United States and first came to Denmark as an exchange student. Years later, Katie is happily living in Roskilde with her Danish husband, and is working towards getting her Master's degree in Global Refugee Studies. Katie spends her free time working on her podcast, "Life with Color" and enjoys traveling, volunteering, dancing, and petting dogs

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Ambassador for Esbjerg

Oleg was born in Ukraine, but moved all over Europe during his childhood, eventually settling in Ireland before coming to Esbjerg for his Masters degree in Marketing. Some of his favourite hobbies include reading science fiction, cooking and cycling 

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Ambassador for Copenhagen

Marcela is originally from Croatia and has been living in Copenhagen since May 2019 with her son and husband. She is passionate about many things and loves to keep herself busy by being involved in many projects. She loves to cook and bake and therefore she keeps her ideas and meals captured in her food blog. Not only does she manages her food blog, but she is also involved in creating content for a danish startup GRIM.

As she loves and enjoys working and spending time with kids, she has started organizing kids dance&play events in Copenhagen. She is on a mission to blend in the danish society by actively learning danish, and her two-year-old son is being a big help with it.


Ambassador for Amager

Amelie moved to Denmark in 2017 with her husband and 2 boys from London where they had lived for 18 years. She's French and her husband is from Trinidad & Tobago: they are a very international household :-). They chose to live in Amager, close to a basketball club as they are all a bit basketball crazy and fell in love with the area. It has so much to offer: the sea, the forest etc. She set up @amagervillage to highlight what's good in Amager but also to organise events for people who live in the area: internationals and Danes. She also works from home as a freelance operations project manager with @hoxbycollective. 


 Ambassador for Copenhagen

Ane-Sophie Custura comes from Romania and moved to Denmark in 2016 for her masters. After living in Aarhus until recently, she decided to move to Copenhagen to explore more job opportunities. She loves both cities and looks forward to continuing to discover what Copenhagen has to offer with fresh eyes. 

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Owner of Donuts to Danish

Claire began her blog, Donuts to Danish, to record her adventures in baking and creating a home for her family of five as expats in Denmark.  They moved from the East Coast to Copenhagen a year and a half ago, and have fallen in love with this beautiful Scandinavian city. Claire is  passionate about baking, the sanctifying work of motherhood, and creating simple yet special experiences. At Donuts to Danish, you’ll find mainly baking (and cooking) with a side of DIY & lifestyle and hopefully continual encouragement.


Journalist & Filmmaker

Sarah is a journalist, writer, and filmmaker from the American Midwest. She holds a degree in Multimedia Journalism from the University of Missouri, though she’s been a natural-born storyteller since she could talk. Her work has taken her all over the world, from Amsterdam to Zambia (and many places in between). Since moving to Europe in 2016, she’s lived in Germany, Hungary, and Croatia before settling down in Copenhagen in 2020 with her partner and their two cats. Prior to moving to Europe, Sarah taught mobile and multimedia journalism at her alma mater and served as a print and digital editor for the Business Times Company.

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Mariano Anthony Davies.jpg


President & CEO
Oxford Business Services 

Mariano has over 30 years' global experience as a business executive. He spent ten years with KPMG, twenty five years with British Chambers of Commerce (while also running his own companies) and now Oxford Business Services. He is a British citizen, who grew up in Kent, went to boarding school in Sussex and has a British university education. He has been married to a Dane for over 43 years and has held over 100 official anti-Brexit speeches. He both speaks and writes Danish without difficulty.



Writer and Blogger

Kelly is an American teacher turned marketer living in rural Jutland. She is the creator of the blog and YouTube channel My New Danish Life, where she reveals her experience and tips for exploring and integrating into Denmark as part of an international family. Absorbing her inspiration and happiness in Denmark’s natural places, she is often found in the nearby woods around Viborg, Denmark, where she lives with her husband and two sons, ages 10 and 8.

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Head of International Community at Erhverv Aarhus

Experienced Project Manager with a demonstrated history of working in an independent networking organization. Skilled in strategic planning, analytical skills, event management, and working with complex politically led organisations. A strong program and project management professional with excellent people skills and a good sense of humour.

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Aina has completed her Masters in Clinical Psychology in Pakistan. She has lived in the USA for 6 months and has been in Denmark for a little over a year. Passionate about mental health work and destigmatising mental health problems, and is working towards helping individuals and organisations be healthier, happier, and more productive. She accomplishes this by working with international clients via Skype; conducting workshops/webinars with various organisations through research and writing. She is a professional photographer and uses her pictures to reflect on her thoughts and daily life and shares them on her blog on Instagram.

She is a psychologist, writer, speaker, mental health advocate, photographer, explorer, volunteer, and a wife making her way through the world and narrating the story of her life.

Aina is an outgoing, inspirational blogger. She loves to travel, take photos and connect with her viewers on a personal level by sharing her daily activities with a hint of reflections as a psychologist.

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Conrad Egbert.jpg


Consulting Editor

Conrad is a journalist and editor with over 20 years of experience across Europe, the Middle East and Asia. Apart from writing for The International, he also heads up the newly established Magazines and Supplements division for the company. If you wish to participate in any of our future magazines and supplements, make sure to drop him a line at

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Erin Gustafson.jpg


Writer & Blogger

Erin is a travel writer and culture hound exploring a life across borders in Copenhagen, Denmark. She is the creator-in-chief at Oregon Girl Around the World, a blog that focuses on sustainable travel for the whole family. With a background in graphic design, photography and art history, Erin has a creative way of seeing a destination and believes that travel choices can have positive impacts for both the traveller and the communities visited. A local in Denmark since 2014, Erin has embraced the green city of Copenhagen and loves to share her insider tips. For more Scandinavian travel inspiration and Copenhagen culture, follow Erin around the world in the links above.


Educational Consultant

Skyler is originally from Canada, and after living in Switzerland for several years, she transitioned to Denmark with her husband and son - all proud Canadians. Skyler has worked in the education sector for three decades and found her true passion for supporting students with their educational journey. As the Founder of Bentley Hall Educational Consulting, she advises on career and university options globally. Skyler enjoys spending time with family, exploring new cultures, and embracing the hygge lifestyle in beautiful Denmark.

Narcis George Matache.jpg



Born in 1990 in a village in the north-east of Romania, Narcis made Aalborg his new home since 2009. Smitten by the Danish model, he decided to get involved in the local community leading to him becoming a strong voice on the topic of usage of the local political rights by the internationals. In 2017, he became the first non-Danish citizen to run for regional elections and to represent Denmark in the Council of Europe. He holds or held leadership positions in European Youth Denmark, Europabev.gelsen, Socialdemokratiet N.rresundby, DSU Aalborg, and Frit Forum International.

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Beauty Editor - Owner of Barbara Mensah Beauty Studio

Barbara was born in London, England and relocated  to Copenhagen in 2017. She has been a professional international Makeup Artist for 11 years and a professional Eyelash Extension Stylist for 3 years. After moving to Denmark, Barbara became the owner of Barbara Mensah Beauty Studio. A stylish, cozy and chic home studio for clients to have Makeup and Eyelash Extension services. Barbara has recently launched her own brand of Organic Shea Butter, sourced in Ghana and distributed world wide. All bookings for makeup, eyelash extension services and ordering of shea butter can be made via her social media or website:


Blogger - Creator of Empowerment Journey

Martina is Slovak by blood and a Global Citizen by heart. She completed an MSc in International Security & Law at the University of Southern Denmark in 2018.  Over the last 2 years, Martina has  worked as a facilitator and project coordinator in various NGOs. She is multifaceted and committed with an unwavering passion for human rights. Martina is a creator of Empowerment Journey, aiming to raise awareness about SDG5- Gender Equality and to promote personal growth and continuous learning. “Empower yourself to empower others.”

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Susan is a librarian at Roskilde Library, and in charge of the English section. She does English events all year; everything from expat dinners and pub quizzes, to karaoke nights and book talks. She is also busy with Roskilde Horror, a club dedicated to scaring the town.



Owner of  My Peterinarian

Tarek was born in Amman, Jordan and from an early age has had a love for animals. He met his spouse in Amman and then soon embarked on an expat lifestyle that took him to Dubai, Prague, and now Copenhagen. Originally a veterinarian, Tarek reinvented himself professionally and decided to launch his own company. With My Peterinarian, Tarek has combined his veterinary experience with his entrepreneurial spirit. The Pet-agrees cares for pets in the Copenhagen area, offering services including pet-sitting, walking, and more to come soon.


Fashion consultant

& Business Owner

Like her hometown Hong Kong, Ophelia has a diverse background and upbringing. She moved to Copenhagen in 2019. Her fashion and journalism career began in 2007 at ELLE Hong Kong magazine, and later on as an online stylist at in the UK; she has worked with all sorts of creatives, brands and celebrities globally.

She now works on everything fashion and communication related. With her love of travelling and places her work brought her to, people she met from all walks of life inspired her to start her own business M for Minimal: a place to raise the awareness of going back to basics through conscious consumption and mindfulness with a touch of spirituality- something she has been practising since her teenage years. 



Writer & Owner of Veo Veo

Natalia moved from the outskirts of Barcelona to Denmark in 2011. She holds a PhD in Bioscience but is currently a digital marketer – her first step towards a dream career within design and communication. In her spare time, Natalia freelances in visual communication through her company veo veo. She’s a mom of two girls and loves singing and dancing to the best hits from the 80s, 90s and 00s.

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Product Manager

Born and raised in international Hong Kong, Josephine developed her interests in languages and culture from an early age. She speaks Cantonese, Mandarin, English, German and Danish, and she has travelled to over 20 countries. Living in Denmark since 1999, she’s been a Danish citizen for 10 years and speaks fluent Danish, and considers herself fully integrated.  However, she still remembers the challenges when she first moved here: the language barrier, who to ask for help and advice, etc. She hopes to contribute and share useful insights and positive experiences with other internationals through her articles.



    Jakob is Danish-Colombian. As an international journalist he's covered political and cultural topics in Kosovo, Colombia and Austria. He currently resides in Aalborg, and is achieving his Master's degree. Jakob likes to read, exercise, listen to classic rock, and is a linguist.

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    Owner of
    Homestead Denmark

    Laura is Canadian. After years of living abroad and travelling the world, she moved to Denmark in 2007 and started her new life as an expat living in Denmark. Laura’s experience working in the Danish relocation industry, encapsulating both her experience as an ex-pat and her desire for helping people, which is WHY she started Homestead. Homestead offers Settling in Services and Workshops focusing on the day to day challenges of expats, as well as the cultural differences in both their work and daily life. “In House” consultations for International employees are also one of Homestead’s specialties. Customized, personal consultations focusing on the individual employee. Homestead. We are Your Settling in Experts.

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    Founder of

    Warrior Princess Yoga

    Julia is the founder of Warrior Princess Yoga, a yoga school determined to make the life-changing practice of yoga accessible to everyone. Coming from a corporate background, she developed office yoga, a daily 25 minutes break during the workday to refocus and destress individuals. Besides beginner courses, she offers classic yoga styles like Vinyasa, Hatha, Yin, Fascia and Face yoga. In addition, she offers consultancy for yoga teachers and upcoming yoga training.



    If you're interested in writing for The INTL, drop us a line and let us know! We have rolling submissions and fill positions as needed. 

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    Freelance Photographer
    and Owner at Rochelle Coote Photography

    A native South African, Rochelle arrived in Denmark 13 years ago and immediately fell in love with this beautiful country and its people. She started to blog about her life through recipes, poems and boy anecdotes. Along this creative journey, she was approached to photograph children and events, and with the encouragement of her husband and friends, she started her own Lifestyle Photography business. She is a passionate storyteller who adores helping loving families and couples create memories that will be shared for generations to come. She also does commercial food and fashion photography. In her spare time, you can find her baking something sweet, cooking up a feast, jumping on the trampoline with her youngest or sailing the sea with her two boys and husband.

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    Laura Voinescu.jpg


    Photographer & Architect

    Laura is a young Transylvanian creative, working with different artistic expressions, from architecture, to design, illustration and photography. With a background in architecture, she  made the move from Romania to Denmark to work in architecture but later understood that a multidisciplinary approach was a better fit, so she decided to move from the classic office job to a more independent and creative path: freelance photography with an occasional dip in other fields. She now specialices in travel photography with her own little business, Copenhagen Photo Experience, that combines photography with tour guiding, offering a unique experience to visitors. And it goes further beyond, Laura enjoys being a concert photographer, food photographer and she’s a novice in analog photography. She is a wild creative soul eager to explore any part of her creator self!

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    If you have practical experience as a photographer, videographer or in multimedia , drop us a line and let us know! We have rolling submissions and fill positions as needed.