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Founder & Editor

Lyndsay boasts over two decades of expertise in the advertising and publishing sector, complemented by academic qualifications in Business, Marketing, and Desktop Publishing. Hailing from the UK but raised in South Africa, she possesses a keen understanding of diverse cultures and a fervent dedication to fostering international connections. Beyond her professional pursuits, Lyndsay is a devoted wife and mother to two sons, aged 26 and 20, and an impassioned advocate for special needs rights in Denmark. Her interests span from globetrotting to photography, art, and indulging in rock and blues performances alongside her closest friends and partner.

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Managing Director & Partner

Kenneth, a Nordic Financial Manager in the Transport industry, holds a degree in Finance and Business from the UK. Originally from Norway, he relocated to Denmark at 22. With Norwegian-Scottish roots, he resides in southern Denmark with his diverse family, encompassing Danish, Irish, and Brazilian heritage. Eager for new challenges, Kenneth embraces life to the fullest.

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Conrad Egbert.jpg


Consulting Editor

Conrad has more than 25 years of experience as a senior editor and journalist, including 8 years in strategic communications, I've supported numerous governments, quasi-governments, and private organizations in Europe, the Middle East, and Asia to achieve their objectives and bolster their reputations. Among my clients are European tourism boards, diplomatic missions, and Edelman, the world's largest PR agency, in Saudi Arabia. I've garnered several international awards for my news stories and columns in the region.

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Copy Whisperer

Michaela, originally from Slovakia, relocated to Denmark three years ago to pursue her Master's degree. She finds Odense to be the ideal city—just the right balance of size: not overwhelmingly large yet filled with excitement. At Umbraco, she serves as a Magical Copy Whisperer, while also co-hosting the podcast @humans.of.sdu with her friends. In her leisure time, she indulges in her passions for movies, Harry Potter discussions, karaoke (despite her lack of singing prowess), and pub quizzes, where her competitive streak shines through.

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Freelance journalist
and writer

Natalia, a seasoned Slovak journalist residing in Aalborg, Denmark, boasts over 15 years of journalism expertise. Her journey spans from editorial roles to reporting for Slovakian magazines and newspapers. Additionally, she has showcased her versatility as a TV reporter, moderator, and radio host. Her professional trajectory also encompasses PR and marketing endeavours. Beyond traditional media, Natalia is an active social media content creator. Explore her insights on Danish life through her blog at

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Native English 
Proofreader & Editor

Jess is an Irish writer who has lived in Copenhagen since 2019. A lifetime goal is to visit as many UNESCO World Heritage sites as she can - she’s travelled extensively throughout Europe, Asia and the Americas. With a background in history, art history and socio-political frameworks, she works as a freelance copywriter, proofreader and editor. As well as working with healthcare industries, political publications and small businesses, Jess also puts time aside for passion projects, such as writing history books from the feminist perspective, advocating for social causes and researching the psychology of film. In her free time, Jess is either curled up with a good book, taking part in a pub quiz or the kitchen, competing with her chef boyfriend over who makes the best lasagne!

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Fashion Consultant
& Business Owner

Ophelia, much like her hometown of Hong Kong, boasts a diverse background and upbringing. In 2019, she made the transition to Copenhagen. Her journey in fashion and journalism commenced back in 2007 at ELLE Hong Kong magazine, followed by a stint as an online stylist at in the UK. Throughout her career, she has collaborated with a myriad of creatives, brands, and celebrities on a global scale. Currently, she dedicates herself to various facets of the fashion and communication realms. Influenced by her passion for travel and the diverse array of individuals she encountered along the way, she embarked on her entrepreneurial venture: M for Minimal. This business serves as a platform to advocate for conscious consumption and mindfulness, with a hint of spirituality—a practice she has embraced since her formative years.

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President & CEO
Oxford Business Services 

Mariano brings over 30 years of global business executive experience to the table. During his career, he devoted a decade to KPMG, followed by twenty-five years split between the British Chambers of Commerce (while concurrently managing his own ventures) and his current role at Oxford Business Services. A British citizen, Mariano hails from Kent, pursued his education at a boarding school in Sussex, and attained his university degree in Britain. With over 100 official anti-Brexit speeches under his belt, Mariano has been married to a Dane for more than 43 years. Fluent in both spoken and written Danish, he effortlessly navigates across languages.



School Educator

Monika's journey as an international educator has taken her across borders, with enriching experiences in the educational landscapes of the UK and Germany before finding her current base in Copenhagen. Within the dynamic environment of the bilingual, international school system, she brings a wealth of knowledge and passion to her work. Married to a Dane, Monika has embraced life in Copenhagen, finding delight in exploring its culture and community. Outside the classroom, she savours moments of tranquility through jogging, strolling, and indulging in the culinary arts, where she often experiments with new recipes and flavors. Through her diverse interests and experiences, Monika embodies a commitment to lifelong learning and cultural exchange.

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Personal Trainer & 
Nutrition Coach

Alex, a Swiss/British mother and wife, has resided in Copenhagen since 2009. Transitioning from a corporate communications career, she embraced the freedom of an outdoor personal and group fitness trainer. Specializing in guiding individuals of all ages and fitness levels, Alex fosters enjoyment and consistency in movement through tailored workouts. Her innate ability to inspire and energize shines through as she delivers engaging sessions, captivating her clients with the magic of group fitness. If you spot her in the capital, don't hesitate to give her a high-five!



Pastry Chef

Natasha, a South African native with Croatian heritage, embarked on a transformative journey in 2020 when she transitioned from her role at a wellness publication to pursue her lifelong passion for patisserie. Having recently completed her culinary studies, she now proudly holds the title of a qualified pastry chef. Natasha's fascination with European patisserie runs deep, fueling her creativity as she spends countless hours in the kitchen, delighting in the art of experimentation. Her culinary adventures are often accompanied by her beloved feline companions, who provide both company and occasional distraction. Ever curious and eager to expand her culinary horizons, Natasha is constantly scouring the shelves for intriguing new cookbooks to inspire her next masterpiece.

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Heather Storgaard comes from Northern Scotland, grew up in Switzerland, and lived in England and Germany. In 2017 she met her Danish husband, who proudly received British duel citizenship in 2024, and they now split their time between Central Scotland and Helgenæs, a peninsula in rural Eastern Jutland. Suitably for a Scot, Heather works with whisky, spending her time writing and translating, with a particular soft-spot for the up-and-coming

world of Nordic Whisky.

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Writer & Founder
of HumanKind

Anna Pawlowicz, drawing from her personal experience as a mother to a child with a disability, founded HumanKind, a consultancy committed to driving disability inclusion in workplaces and society. With a dedicated team, HumanKind offers tailored solutions to organizations, fostering inclusive cultures. Beyond the boardroom, Anna's passion fuels advocacy efforts for societal change. Through empathy and expertise, she leads HumanKind in shaping a more equitable and inclusive future.

Social Media



SoMe Ambassador 
for Horsens

Leslie, from France, has been residing in Horsens, Jutland, since October 2020. She relocated with her French husband for a fresh career opportunity. Currently, she serves as the Customer Service Team Leader at a Danish e-shop specializing in men's accessories. Beyond her professional pursuits, Leslie relishes meeting new individuals, expanding her perspectives, exploring novel destinations, and indulging in travel experiences.

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SoMe Ambassador
for Copenhagen

Ane-Sophie Custura, originally from Romania, relocated to Denmark in 2016 to pursue her master's degree. Having resided in Aarhus until recently, she made the decision to move to Copenhagen in search of new career prospects. She holds affection for both cities and eagerly anticipates exploring Copenhagen's offerings with renewed enthusiasm.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Roskilde

Terumi, originally from Brazil with Japanese and Portuguese roots, has lived in Mexico, the USA, and Egypt. In 2019, she relocated to Roskilde with her Danish husband, three children, and an Egyptian cat. With an engineering background, she has also been involved with NGOs and non-profit organizations. Her interests span the creative spectrum, including photography, reading, and exploring different cultures. Currently, she dedicates her full-time efforts to a non-profit company in Roskilde while managing a small photography business on the side.



SoMe Ambassador 
for Copenhagen

Shelly, originally from India, has resided in Copenhagen, Denmark since 2019 with her husband and young daughter. She holds a post-graduation diploma in Business Administration, a bachelor's degree in Accounting & Finance, and a diploma in Software Engineering. With over four years of experience as a Customer Service Analyst for clients such as Colgate, National Australia Bank, and Vodafone, she now serves as an Operations Supervisor at a Germany-based startup. Beyond her professional endeavors, Shelly is a dedicated fitness enthusiast with training in nutrition. She pursues photography as a hobby and is passionate about travel, which has fueled her interest in digital content creation. Additionally, she enjoys cooking and cherishing outdoor moments with her family.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Copenhagen

Ritika, originally from India, relocated with her husband in December 2019. She presently serves as an SAP Expert at NTT Data Solutions. Ritika finds joy in discovering new destinations and savouring vegetarian cuisine alongside her husband. Having travelled to 15 countries, she eagerly anticipates exploring more. Beyond her professional pursuits, Ritika indulges in oil painting, dances to Bollywood rhythms, and cherishes her passion for nature.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Copenhagen

Sakib, originally from India, relocated to Denmark in 2016. Currently residing in Copenhagen with his wife and 12-year-old daughter, he serves as a Software Developer for a Danish IT firm. With a zest for travel, food, and socializing, Sakib channels his creative energy into street photography, actively curating and sharing content spotlighting Copenhagen. Beyond his photographic pursuits, he delights in cooking, frequently treating his loved ones to his culinary creations.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Aarhus

Shaeema, originally from Northeast India, arrived in Denmark in 2017 as a PhD student in physics at Aarhus University. Following her doctoral studies, she launched her own startup, Science Melting Pot, aimed at fostering inclusivity and diversity in the physical sciences through science outreach services. Now based in Aarhus with her Danish husband, Shaeema is dedicated to expanding her startup and enjoys her leisure time engaging in activities like board games, pottery painting, volunteering for community science outreach events, and even dabbling in extreme sports—bungee jumping being her latest pursuit.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Copenhagen

Hobby photographer Rashmi, originally from India, now calls Copenhagen her new home. After finishing her studies in Finance, she shifted her focus to becoming a social media influencer in India, collaborating with major brands such as FIFA World Cup, Nestle, and eBay. She then transitioned to work as a vendor management associate at Nets. And, as a final note, she's a passionate Bollywood fan.

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SoMe Ambassador 
for Copenhagen

Pavlos, originally from Greece, relocated to Copenhagen in 2016. Holding a Master's degree in pure Mathematics, he now serves as a Data Scientist at a software company. Beyond his professional pursuits, Pavlos dedicates his free time to volunteering with the Greek Scouts, actively participating in international forums and conferences as part of the organization's International team. A passionate photographer, he specializes in capturing urban attractions and creating stunning images. Pavlos also channels his enthusiasm for travel and exploration into his Instagram and blogging endeavours, always eager to discover new destinations across Europe.

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Laura Voinescu.jpg


Photographer & Architect

Laura, a young Transylvanian creative, initially pursued architecture in Denmark before embracing a multidisciplinary approach. Transitioning from traditional office roles to freelance photography, she now specializes in travel photography through her venture, Copenhagen Photo Experience. Beyond this, Laura delves into concert and food photography, as well as exploring analog photography. A dynamic creator, she continuously seeks to expand her artistic horizons.



Photographer &
Owner Fjord Foto

Terumi, a Brazilian with Japanese and Portuguese roots, has traversed various corners of the globe, residing in Mexico, the USA, and Egypt before settling in Roskilde in 2019 with her Danish husband, three children, and an Egyptian cat. With an engineering background, she has diversified her career into the realms of NGOs and non-profit organizations. Passionate about creativity, photography, literature, and cultural exploration, she dedicates her full-time efforts to a non-profit company in Roskilde while also managing a small photography venture on the side.

Cristian Alexandru Flutur White Bg.png


Photographer / Videographer and Visual Designer

Cristian hails from Bucovina in northeastern Romania, a region surrounded by mountains that shaped his adventurous spirit. He spent a decade playing professional rugby, DJing at a local club, and capturing life through photography. In 2019, he moved to Denmark to pursue a degree in Marketing Management, followed by a degree in Export and Technology. With a passion for creative and strategic marketing and a background as a freelance photographer since 2010, Cristian founded Fain Studio. His advertising agency partners with diverse companies to elevate brand identities and fine-tune their messages across various platforms.

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