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Engaging active minds over summer

The days are getting longer, temperatures are rising slowly, and the academic calendar year is evaporating as the weeks fly by.

Photographs: Copenhagen International School

Text: Monika Pedersen

There is no need to despair, for there is a phenomenal opportunity to extend the school year, pursue learning, and have fun at Copenhagen International School, CIS, for they are holding Summer School.

Summer learning

CIS leads the charge here in Denmark by providing a variety of extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities at the end of June and the start of July. The aim is to provide young people with the chance to learn new skills, make some new friends, and expand their horizons. This is highly popular in many international schools, and back in the US, there is a massive culture of summer camps, summer schools, and enrichment programmes.

To ensure your child has an enjoyable and enriching experience with plenty of opportunities, CIS has great camps to offer students over the summer:

Activity camp (age 4-7)

This is a unique experience where students can partake in stimulating experiences that appeal to various skill sets. The offerings include arts and crafts, music, cookery, sports, design and building, and sports. The diversity of the programme allows students to develop their skills and competencies in several areas. Though not part of a strictly academic curriculum, which is not the goal for this age range or the programme, these activities provide a child with invaluable life skills! In addition, Covid 19 restrictions permitting, students will be able to take a weekly day trip to explore the local environment.

Art camp (age 8-12)

For a chance to develop your child's artistic talents, Art Camp is the perfect place. This is a fantastic chance to learn and sharpen artistic skills in many areas, including drawing, design, prints making, sculpting and more. The proposed list of art forms is endless, and the programme welcomes emerging artists to more experienced ones, so there is a spot for everyone!

Rocket lab camp (age 8-12)

For the more mechanically inclined child, Rocket Lab is the ticket, as this is the ultimate experience for science buffs! The weeks will be filled with opportunities to explore the world of Science, scientific theories, and the possibility of devising experiments to test out the theories. Don’t miss the chance to develop the ‘Einstein’ in you!

English camp (age 8-12)

Should your child need a little help with the English Language, then the course of intensive English for non-native speakers is a valuable chance to receive individual support and enjoy small group activities. The course provides students with grammar, writing skill development, and oral practice in an emotionally safe environment. This class should not be missed. As a former EAL summer school teacher, I can personally vouch for the tremendous impact and development in confidence such a course can make.

English camp (age 12-17)

The ability to master English is fundamental and underpins the understanding and, consequently, access content in all subjects. The teaching is delivered through the lens of having fun with language and bringing it to life. This is not a textbook situation but an active language application class. The course is available for one or two weeks, and the work covered is stand-alone, so students can sign up for the week that suits them best.

Summer school is all about self-fulfilment, risk-taking, extending friendship groups and building on or acquiring new skills through the guidance of qualified educators, many of whom are teachers at CIS. The groupings are small to allow for individualized teaching and attention. The school day is more relaxed with a start time of 9:00 and finishes at 15:00, so students can still have an entire evening to enjoy their other activities and family time. Be rest assured that summer school is a fantastic opportunity for your child. Don’t hesitate, call today and reserve your place.

For further details contact Alexander Achiam by email

or +45 3946 3300 - ext 346.

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