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School’s out!

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Monika Pedersen

The school year in the northern hemisphere has ended in early June for some, and for others, there are only a few days left. Another academic year has passed, and another class is heading up to the next level. An academic year of approximately 210 days is simply too short. Though students and teachers are exhausted by the end of June and a holiday is needed, there is often a niggling concern that not every child is as ready for the challenges of the next class level. This is not an individual concern but one many teachers feel.

It is vital a student has the foundations in place to build upon, for missing pieces and a lack of understanding only lead to difficulties and setbacks, so it is not sound practice to speed ahead. There are a few options that can support a student’s advancement.

Support options

If there are big gaps in a student’s learning, re-siting the year may be an option. This is not usually advised, but in certain cases and situations, it can really improve and solidify a child’s knowledge base. It is a strategy that is used only on a case-by-case basis, and all parties involved need to be united in the decision.

In the meantime, to keep the academic momentum during the summer months, a suggestion would be to enrol in summer school. There are some schools that are hosting instruction and activities in Denmark and abroad. Schools start advertising early on their websites, so it is best to check them out for specific details and costs.

If summer school is not a possibility, there are online websites that can help you review fundamental aspects of a subject, such as Grammatik for Danish grammar, Khan Academy for Math, and IXL for English review, to name a few.

Many teachers also provide online review questions or packets with enrichment work and summer reading lists. If not, do not hesitate to request them.

Again, if finances allow, engage a private tutor to review subject areas that are unclear or securely committed to memory or have not been covered. Another smart move would be to touch on new subjects that will be covered in the coming year so there is a baseline of understanding, which will really help when new building blocks are placed on top!

Personal reading, including texts from the current year as well as those that will be used in the coming year, is also very beneficial.

The ideas may not work in all households, but if the motivation and determination exist, there are definitely some small steps that can be taken.

"It is also important that students take the time to recharge their batteries."


It is also important that students take the time to recharge their batteries by participating in their favourite hobbies or sports or socialising with friends and family.

Students need to feel a sense of release and holiday spirit and not carry emotional baggage that they are not prepared for or disadvantaged by. This will certainly play on the minds of some and cause unnecessary anxiety in an already complex situation.

So, as students head out to enjoy the summer months and engage in other times and activities, it is important to remember that academics is one very pertinent part of a child’s education, but there are also other aspects that are just as vital to developing a well-rounded young person.

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