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Summer movin’

Our resident health and fitness guru, Alex, motivates us as we move into summer holiday mode.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Alexandra Beck

Finally, the long-awaited summer vacation is here, when most of Denmark disappears for at least five weeks from the workplace, school and possibly any regular gym-going. Good habits tend to be set on standby but may still be on your mind.

In all honesty, when you are on holiday, keeping up with your regular exercise habits can be more challenging since one of the primary purposes of your holiday is to step away from daily routines to relax and re-charge. In most cases, though, you won’t want to forsake your health or ruin all the great work you put into your movement patterns before saying ‘ciao, ciao’, but do wonder how you could do this without a gym nearby… or knowing what kind of equipment to purchase and where… or what to do with it!

From me to you, I would not overthink the equipment - you can do so many things with minimal tools or just your body weight. However, if you want to invest a little in some gym stuff, here are my top suggestions!

Top three for the globe trotter:

#1 Long (resistance) bands

Light and very portable, these can add great extra resistance to bodyweight workouts, such as squats, push-ups, or some diversity by integrating targeted movements like bicep curls, tricep kickbacks, or back rows.

#2 Suspension trainer

Versatile and easy to carry, a suspension trainer can deliver a full-body workout with progressions from light to heavy by simply shifting one’s bodyweight to and from the anchor point.

#3 Foldable yoga mat (4mm)

Besides the fact that throwing a mat on the floor is an awesome call to action, one of these can assist with floor work, such as support for core training, any kneeling exercises and stretching.

Top three for the ‘staycationers’:

#1 Vinyl kettlebells

6kgs for beginners, 8-12kgs for more advanced

Or one of each… these can be used in so many different ways, from swings to deadlifts, from lunges to overhead presses - and the vinyl coating will protect your floors. In addition, this type of kettlebell is great for small storage spaces as its body is compact and therefore storable.

#2 Hex dumbbells

3kgs, 5kgs, 8kgs

I like to get mine in pairs, but 1 of each is fine too. I like the hexagon shape on these, as they are stackable and enable a variety of extra exercises like plank rows or dumbbell-supported push-ups (helps with wrist stability).

#3 Suspension trainer

I will not live without mine handy!

Now that you have this information, you may be asking yourself where you can get hold of these goodies without breaking the bank?

Harald Nyborg. Best DIY centre for fitness equipment! I seriously have purchased all my kettlebells and long resistance bands from that store. Also, check out Tiger, Normal and Søstrene Grene for small hand weights (1-3kgs), yoga mats etc., as they often have a selection of perfectly good articles at very affordable prices.

If you want to invest in more high-end equipment, you can try websites such as or

Once you have ‘added to cart’, paid and received your goods, please use them regularly! Remember that owning and using the tools goes hand in hand with keeping up with your fitness!

My advice on holiday, however, is to take action when you are motivated. No need to ‘schedule in a workout’ as you might do at home, and certainly don’t beat yourself up for being less active than usual! Move a little more when it feels right. For some, it may be the first thing when you get up before breakfast - for others, in the afternoon between excursions and just before dinner. Most importantly, movement is something you enjoy and can be integrated into your vacation with joy. Enjoy the summer holidays!

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