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Accountability counts

Maximising fitness success through accountability.

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Alexandra Beck

Do you find a hundred excuses to skip a workout? Yeah, I know the feeling. What I have learned in my time not only as a coach but as someone who used to struggle with committing to any exercise routine is that when it comes to maximising your fitness results, knowing the importance of accountability is half of the battle!

In my experience, the main reason people quit their fitness goals and thereby reduce their chances of success is the lack of consequences for their inaction. However, it is much less the case when you have a fitness accountability partner, a personal trainer or a team that is expecting you to show up. When there’s someone else who genuinely cares about your fitness success, holding yourself accountable isn’t as challenging because there’s someone else to help you reach your fitness goals and cheer you on!

Accountability is about having a reason to do something, and it is developed through intentional planning. When it comes to health, improving it shouldn’t be challenging, but the truth is that we often run out of steam and, unfortunately, give up somewhere along the line.

Accountability and incentive

Two things effectively help change our behaviours and generate results, whether it’s committing to a weight-loss plan, exercise routine or arduous task, and those are accountability and incentive.

No matter what it is that you want to change, be it your health, specific habits, body shape, finances, or relationship, all success stories start with establishing a commitment system that will ensure you stick to the plan. You will see that once you have accountability towards a group of people or a trainer, your fitness performance will accelerate as you engage the power of social expectations - suddenly, things get done, and suddenly, you show up. And suddenly, you get results.

The impact of working with a fitness professional

Literally anyone, from your sibling to your best friend, could be your accountability partner. However, the closer you are to someone, the more likely they are to turn a blind eye to you, skipping your workout for whatever excuse you may find. Hiring a personal trainer or paying for a membership in a private fitness group will be more beneficial, however, because you are paying them to make sure you show up! And we tend to value what we pay for way more than what is given to us for free. Free or cheap = easy to discard. Purchased or expensive = worth keeping.

A professional will hold you accountable and help you structure and customise your workout plan. They will keep you motivated and make you show up, and when you have spent money on a service, it’s much harder to ignore!

"Two things effectively help change our behaviours and generate results, whether it’s committing to a weight-loss plan, exercise routine or arduous task, and those are accountability and incentive."

Accountability and your own fitness success

Achieving personalised accountability will be the most critical factor in your fitness success. Because having the best and most comprehensive nutrition and fitness plan won’t mean a darn thing if you don’t show up and put in the work.

That’s why accountability is so important! So, if you have tried and failed at holding yourself accountable, do yourself the best favour and invest in someone who will help you define your health and fitness goals, someone who will walk the walk, provide resources, and show you how to perform exercises safely. Someone who knows how to use equipment and who can guide you step by step through the nutrition jungle will be able to help you understand that the process towards improvement is more important than perfection, and you will for sure be more inclined to enjoy your fitness journey!

If you have been procrastinating on the commitment, this is your sign to get going!

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