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Starting and staying committed

When talking to anyone considering or about to step into a lifestyle change, the most common questions are: “How do I get started?” and “How can I stay consistent with a routine?” Alexandra Beck shares the best way forward.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Alexandra Beck

Most people have been thinking about getting fitter, healthier, and stronger for months and even years but have never plucked up the courage to leap for fear of feeling out of place, not good enough or haven’t found any activity appealing enough even to try.

Some have waited for their general practitioners to prescribe exercise and a more nutrient-rich diet and are confused about where to start. But, this was not part of the plan, now was it?

Very few have just jumped into one of my classes, knowing for sure that this will be the start of a long-term relationship with their fitness and health.

So, if you find yourself in one of the two first situations, you are certainly not alone and trust me when I say that it’s not meant to be easy. If it were, everyone would be doing it, and we would not be in a position where our health and fitness are on the lifeline.

You have heard it before, and I will repeat it: START. START NOW. It’s NOT too late, it IS the right time, and you ARE good enough.

I was not always the health and fitness person that I am today - I have had my struggles, and here is what has worked for me:

#1 Seeking professional support.

Find a coach who is down to earth, understands your strengths and challenges and can provide a structured framework for your health and fitness journey. Not knowing where or how to start and then trying to Google yourself into fitness will land you on some TikTok channel and back to square one. Perhaps you have even already tried that… did it help?

#2 Making weekly appointments with myself.

Take your own fitness class 1:1’s as seriously as you would with your boss because, ultimately, your body will see you through until the very end, and without it, you won’t be able to work anyway, right? So keep these non-postponable, non-replaceable appointments and you will not only feel proud but also see and experience results and new healthy habits you didn’t even know you wanted. So stick them into the calendar, block them out, and if you respect your time, others will too.

#3 Reminding myself regularly about why I started.

Find and use your real reason as a guiding star towards a successful journey. Believe that you can, and keep up the hard work. I say HARD because it is! Creating patterns takes time and effort. Without those two components, you can expect to stay where you are, which is a scary thought when you want to change.

#4 Making my friends and family aware of my plan.

Use your network to support your plan. If you tell them about what you are doing and some of the why, it will be easier for you to make sure you stick to point 2. Not that you need to justify why your health is more important than meeting up for drinks at 16:00 instead of 17:00, but it does make you respect your goals and self-care in a way that will make you feel more confident and committed.

Starting is the key. Staying committed will be a journey. Give yourself time, make the necessary efforts and then reap the amazing benefits of your improved health in the long run!

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