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Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

Straighten your lapels and fix your pocket flaps because, in this issue, we will talk about the most recognised business piece…the blazer. The blazer first made its style scene debut in the 1800s as a warm-up gear for rowers at distinguished English universities. Although blazers are typically associated with menswear…women have been holding down the style scene with these versatile pieces.

#1 Keeping up the tradition

A freshly tailored blazer with a crisp pair of pants is a match made in textile heaven. This combo is both safe for work and play. You can dress it up for the office with some cotton trousers or join friends for happy hour with your favourite blazer and jean combo. Linen blazers always provide some relief in the transition month from summer to fall, and wool will keep you warm during the colder months. Zara, H&M, and Na-KD are great platforms to find the perfect fit.

#2 Adding the feminine touch

Since the blazer is synonymous with menswear, sometimes adding a soft touch is fundamental in achieving an aesthetic. Floral, animal, and patchwork prints can help to add a pop of style to the day-to-day work week. Also, pairing a blazer with a skirt or dress can further magnify that feminine embrace. Blazers are the icing on the ensemble cake and come in many flavours. Find some daring prints at PrettyLittleThing, NastyGal, and Akira today.

#3 Who wears short shorts?

Well, maybe not too short for the workplace, but shorts are another great pairing with blazers. The high-waist trouser short has recently seen a surge in popularity and is the perfect duds ally. So button your finest shorts, find a simple base shirt, and throw on that plaid blazer for the chef’s kiss. ResumeCPH and NastyGal are some great brands to find both tailored blazers and shorts all in one spot.

#4 Spice it up!

As you have already guessed…I have a fringe obsession! Implementing these summer staples all year round has become a sport for me. Before you say no, just hear me out…fringe and blazers go together. Just imagine your favourite beach fringed dress or skirt, paired with an oversized blazer…still not convinced? Well, just look at the photo - it is a trend that will be gaining more exposure in the coming months. Depending on your work environment, this outfit can leave a lasting impression. Since we know where to find the perfect blazer, I will give you a clue to find the perfect fringe dress or skirt!

#5 The blazer dress

The blazer dress is easily the simplest fashion recipe on this list today. All you need is an oversized blazer and/or tailored blazer dress, some funky shoes, and a model smile. There is a blazer dress out there to satisfy any office dress code. Pair the blazer with some structured boots or your most loved sandals to slay the professional catwalk. Thrifting can be a great way to find some vintage oversized blazers while maximising your green footprint. My favourite vintage shop is SHEEK Vintage, where the owner curates some great pieces from the earlier fashion decades. Other great brands for some funky blazer dresses are Asos and Stradivarius.

Blazing the trail

“Do You Need A Blazer In Your Wardrobe?”...The short answer is ‘Hell Yes’! As mentioned earlier, these pieces are so versatile that you can incorporate them in any aspect. From clocking into work…to buying the next round of shots, blazers have your back (literally). So, even though summer is ending and settling back into work, life is upon us…we can always take a bit of summer flare along with us. So, the moral of the story is…“buy that blazer, babes”.

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