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The Cool Mom Fashion Guide

Updated: May 10, 2022

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

"Do moms have the time to be fashionable?"... Depending on the day of the week, the answer may be unthinkable. So, mama…sit back, relax, make a cup of (whatever makes you happy), and let's talk about some mom fashion.

Mothers wear many abstract hats, and most are often worn without any thought to aesthetics. But why must the badge of motherhood take away from the glitz and glamour of womanhood? Spoiler Alert…it doesn't. Have you ever heard the saying, "When you look good…you feel good"? That saying is a two-way street and will always be for 'your' benefit.

Staying neutral

Building a strong neutral foundation is key in any wardrobe. These pieces are dubbed the 'repeat offenders' and have unlimited wearing capabilities. Meaning, that if you need to wear that beige shirt two days in a row…go right ahead. These pieces are versatile…wear them alone or layer them for a memorable slay.

My top go-to brands for staying neutral: Zara / H&M / NA-KD / Bershka / NastyGal

The Staple Mom Jean

Jeans are a crucial part of any outfit and have the power to elevate any look. Unfortunately, there are so many options that moms often find themselves going down a denim rabbit hole. The whole ideology behind the "Mom Jean" is that it is comfortable and convenient. Spring and Summer 2022 lookbooks have been filled with distressed denim, cargo/utility structures, and bold patterns and prints. A staple mom jean can be worn every day of the week without judgment.

My top go-to brands for the staple mom jean: Urban Outfitters / Ragged Priest / Bershka / NA-KD / H&M / Garage Clothing

Making a statement

Every wardrobe must include that one 'Statement' piece. That piece of textile magic that turns heads and leaves lasting impressions. Something…one-of-a-kind and handmade…a possible heirloom for future fashion generations. Bold patterns, floral prints, jacquard fabric, fringing, and silk kantha can all be seen throughout the 'making a statement' trends of 2022.

A neutral top and a pair of staple mom jeans can all be brought together with the perfect statement piece. Popular structures for statement pieces are dusters, kimonos, kaftans, ponchos, and crocheted dresses/skirts.

My top go-to brands for making a statement: Kanthabae / Pampasnu / Akira / NastyGal

These boots were made for momming

Shoes have the sheer power to make or break an entire look. Like the mom jean, the mom shoe has to also be comfortable and practical. Who are we kidding? Most of our shoes will be broken in by chasing kids and apple juice spills. Finding the perfect shoe requires a lot of research and trial and error. Make sure to read over the terms and conditions of websites and lean towards those brands with a forgiving exchange policy during the Cinderella phase. Nothing is perfect, but the brands I will be sharing come pretty darn close.

My top go-to brands for shoes: Miista Shoes / Camperlab / Mango / Asos / DollsKill

One shop and done

Sometimes a mom just wants one brand where she can shop in peace. So why overcomplicate your shopping experience? Especially if it's your dedicated 'me-time' away from your children. Not to worry, there are all-encompassing brands made just for that. These websites have it all, from shopping for staple jeans to finding the perfect statement piece.

My top go-to all-around websites: Zalando / Asos / Miinto / Free People / Akira

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3 Kommentare

Nathan Adrian
Nathan Adrian
05. Jan. 2023

Thanks for the good article. I'm wondering what sneakers do you choose? My favorite model is nike p 6000. These shoes are perfect for me. They are great and have a beautiful design.

Gefällt mir

Krystle Whiley
Krystle Whiley
10. Mai 2022

Whew! So I’m not the only one who feels like I traded my fashion vibes for quick clothing that I can throw on just to get out the house at a decent time? I have felt so out of the loop when it comes to fashion. Hats & jeans are literally my life right now. Great article! I will definitely check these brands out.

Gefällt mir

Amazing article!!! Your fashion is so dope Vanessa! I’m copying it all lol … thanks for all the tips 🙌🏾

Gefällt mir
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