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When actions speak louder than words

Photograph: iStock

Text: Martina Popadakova

The COVID-19 has revealed the real superheroes among us. Those on the frontlines of the pandemic, devoted medical workers, were recognised and featured in newspaper headlines worldwide. The Filipino community in Denmark decided to turn words into action and left a powerful message.

Chloe Inventor, one of the initiators, said: “It´s a beautiful message about people joining together and helping each other, also for the Danish community to see how foreigners can support society and contributing in their own way.”

Support our health workers in Denmark is an inclusive project which started as a simple message between Alleah Andrea Christensen and Chloe. They wanted to unite people in supporting Filipino medical workers and other nationalities on the frontline, who had long shifts and no time to buy or make food. At the beginning of the lockdown period, the Facebook group united over 290 individuals and restaurants ready to contribute with food and refreshments.

Thanks to devoted volunteers, many hospitals received food donations until up until April in the Sjælland and Sønderjylland hospital regions. Throughout Denmark, people took their own initiative contacting the hospitals to secure safe delivery according to regulations. Logistics were then just a simple case of cooperating and scheduling amongst volunteers.

As Chloe described: "People would show up with food, and offering delivery services to the hospitals. It was the easiest event that I’ve been involved with. I think it was because there was a need to help, people were just so excited to do it.”

Hospital Hygiene Rules and Safety Guidelines varied from place to place, and so did the food and beverage donations. From warm food, fruits, and bread to snacks, chips, and soda decorated with small cards saying “Thank you our superheroes, for taking care of us”. The simple gesture made them happy.

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