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Welcome to the new family destination spot

Lolland offers outstanding countryside, walks, fun and exploration for children, and a social community with an expanding international scene. Monika Pedersen investigates this area of Denmark.

Pictures: Tanya Von Rosen / Terumi Mascarenhas

Too often, especially among internationals thinking of relocating for work purposes or otherwise, the talk turns to moving to main cities like Copenhagen, Aalborg or Aarhus as the hotspot locations in Denmark. However, many newcomers are not aware that there are many other attractive places to live, build a new circle of friends, and a sense of community.

Lolland is Denmark’s fourth-largest island, located at the most southerly point of Zealand. It is very closely connected with Falster, and often the area is referred to as Lolland-Falster; the islands are merely separated by the strait of Guldborgsund. However, they do have their own identities within the tight relationship. Lolland’s largest town is Nakskov, but the municipality’s logistical operations are in Maribo.

Location, location…

Lolland is ideally placed - just 1 hour and 40 minutes drive from central Copenhagen and a stone’s throw from Germany. Two ferries are run each hour from Rødby to Puttgarden, with a journey time of a little over an hour and 30 minutes. It is a gateway to Europe and the chance for more cultural experiences in central Europe.

In addition, the new Fehmarn Belt connection is under construction. One of the biggest infrastructure projects entails the world’s longest immersed road and rail tunnel. This constructional feat will bring the metropolises of Copenhagen, Berlin, and Hamburg closer than ever before, making Lolland an amazing hub for future international exchange.

A better quality of life

A key aspect of moving is finding a new home and whether it is better to buy or rent. Prices are genuinely competitive and a far cry from the astronomical figures commanded in Copenhagen. Moreover, with the possibility of considerable inside and outside space, families have a chance to settle and grow.

There are plenty of health care facilities and good childcare options to ensure both partners can work, with a range of educational options including forest schools and music schools and a brand-new international school that will be opening its doors for the first time this August. Lolland’s infrastructure is ready for an influx of new residents. It has its eye on a good work-life balance and recognises the value and importance of family time.

The region offers a healthy, outdoor orientated, and safe environment where children and adults can flourish and appreciate the simple wonders that enrich life. There are 600 kilometres of coastline, and the Marielyst area has been voted as having some of the best beaches in the whole of Denmark.

The locals refer to Lolland as ’pandkageøen’ or the pancake island as the area is flat, perfect for cycling trips and long walks for all age groups.

There are historical towns, ancient monuments, and a beautifully located art gallery to explore and enjoy. And there is a lot of fun to be had by children as there is a safari park, a natural wetland area, and two waterparks. Finally, for the discerning palate, there are gastronomic delights, including local and craft breweries, as well as wineries to tingle your tastebuds.

Networking is an integral part of Danish culture and a fantastic way to integrate. There are great possibilities to connect and forge new friendships through opportunities at work, at your child’s school, or participation in clubs including football, water sports, horseback riding, camping, etc.

As a growing number of internationals head for Lolland, several community initiative groups are ready to support newcomers, so you are not alone! Lolland-Falster International, Rødbyhavn Internationals Meetup group, and Lolland-Falster Lovestorm are but a few of the welcome groups that help families acclimatise. The diversity of Lolland can offer the complete family package – one size really does fit all.

Four things we love!

  1. Museumsbanen: A train that runs on a preserved railway line on a scenic section between Maribo and Bandholm.

  2. Marielyst Beach: Marielyst Strand is a child-friendly beach with shallow, calm water and several sandbanks.

  3. Labyrinth: Get lost in nature and find your way. A day in the maze is entertaining for the whole family.

  4. Maribo Miniature Town: There are about 60 small and larger cultural buildings that can be seen within the framework of the displayed town environment.

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