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The city of Aarhus welcomes internationals

Photographs: VisitAarhus - Per Bille

Text: International Community Aarhus - Tiny Maerschalk

To create genuinely, favourable settings for international employees, a whole city must be contributing to internationalisation.

A welcoming ambience not only in the workplace is vital. VisitAarhus and their work in the city is an excellent example of that. They are the official tourist organisation of the Aarhus Region with a history dating back to 1897. Historically, the aim has been to boost and welcome national and international visitors, and VisitAarhus has become a prestigious organisation supporting the internationalisation and welcoming, open-mindedness in Aarhus. Especially their work regarding international and academic conferences has great value to Aarhus benefitting international employees.

Talent tracking and an innovation hotspot

Known as the largest national centre of growth outside the capital area in Denmark, Aarhus has a strong international profile – being a leading city of knowledge, culture and education. VisitAarhus, Aarhus University and local business clusters have developed a strong collaboration on attracting international congresses and conferences to Aarhus- putting Aarhus on the international map, creating optimal conditions for knowledge and innovation hubs. Today, Aarhus is ranked in the top 100 of the worlds’ most popular destinations for academic, international conferences. “Every year, Aarhus is hosting several conferences working with the newest knowledge within the specific scientific field. When we host these conferences, it is worth much more than the economical turnover of it. Besides the high economic value, the conferences also bring new knowledge, innovation, international networks, business opportunities and worldwide branding. And it is proved to be an effective way to get international visibility and provide good conditions for international workspace and talent tracking,” the CEO of VisitAarhus, Pia Lange Christensen, says. She continues: “By connecting Danish businesses and local communities with the leading international scientists and specialists who visit the city every year to attend congresses, we are creating stronger international networks, collaboration and innovation. We are also promoting local solutions and Aarhus as a great place to live and work.”, Pia Lange Christensen says.

"We want everyone to feel welcome and experience the international vibe of the city." - Pia Lange Christensen - VisitAarhus

To stay on top of the competition, the Aarhus region needs to attract international talent and attract the brightest minds in the research institutions and companies. A vital platform to recruit international talent is through international conferences and events.

A welcoming feel

To be an attractive city to visit and to live in, you must feel welcome as a visitor. That is also a focus in VisitAarhus. “We want everyone to feel welcome and experience the international vibe of the city. When visiting Aarhus, you understand why it is called the City of Smiles. Aarhus is known for it’s friendly, open-minded ambience, and with more than 2000 volunteer Rethinkers, locals have joined us to give their time to welcome visitors to our city.”, Pia Lange Christensen says.

Free conference support Are you involved with meetings or conference planning in your work? To support and boost business tourism, VisitAarhus offers free, customised assistance for everyone with interest in bringing meetings, conferences and congresses to the Aarhus Region. “With a detailed knowledge of Aarhus’ many facilities and options, our dedicated team is always ready to assist you throughout the meeting or conference planning – and always with a personal touch. Do you have questions, need inspiration, prices or local contact, please don’t hesitate to contact us.”, - Andreas Horn Jensen,

Sales Manager in VisitAarhus, says.

Read more of the free conference support:

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I'm sorry, but why keep making these articles like "Aarhus welcome internationals" "Copenhagen the International xxx" "Odense calls International minds" where I'm sure the people making the articles are really aware that Denmark doesn't welcome anyone from anywhere because of the most strict migration requirements in the entire Europe. Or in the other hand, end the article resuming what do you need to get a visa in Denmark (insane high salary, minimum square meters living place, already a job or income which has to be high, etc) and don't fall in love advice, because they can still kick you out after 20 years you've been living there, as it happened in many cases.

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