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The best of both worlds

Photographs: North Zealand International School

Text: Shani Bishop

Students fortunate enough to join North Zealand International School High School for the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme (IB DP) and Pre-IB in August 2022 will find a world of opportunity. Students will undertake a world-class programme and be able to enjoy the benefits of a gymnasium/high school experience.

Small classes, big international experience…

As only a few students will be admitted to the Pre-IB and IB DP, the class sizes will be small. The small classes mean our students benefit from individual attention and feedback, ensuring they can enhance their performance. In addition, new students will find a friendly international community that welcome newcomers and a place where they can receive plenty of support and guidance to achieve their goals.

NIS IB Diploma teachers have been selected from the international school and the Danish gymnasium to give students the best start. These dedicated and highly qualified specialist teachers are from all over the world, so the experience will be truly international. In addition, students will meet learners from all over the world in the classroom, further enriching their experience.

IB DP, Pre-IB, STX and HF all together = great social life

The NIS IB DP and Pre-IB are part of the NIS High School/NGG Gymnasium, so while the classes are small, the opportunities are not!

Students from IB DP, Pre-IB, HF and STX all mix together, so there’s an active social life where friendships are forged for life. In addition, Danish and international students study alongside each other and both gain from the experience.

A trip together at the beginning of the academic year, parties throughout the year and tutor-led ice breaker activities all help cement those bonds.


From August 2022, students will join the NIS High school/ NGG Gymnasium for a fantastic IB DP experience. Our students will learn to manage their own learning, develop critical thinking skills, enhance their cultural awareness and gain access to the world’s top universities.

Our Pre-IB

The Pre-IB is a one-year programme taught in English, which prepares students for the IB DP. Danish students and International students are welcome onto the Pre-IB. Danish students choose this programme to make sure their English is ready for the IB DP. International students choose the Pre IB to ready themselves for the IB DP.

What our students say…

“The best part of NIS is the teachers; they are very qualified and are very good at teaching.” - Joep Willense, The Netherlands

“Learning in an international school means you understand people from different backgrounds, you get a better outlook and it prepares you for the future and for work where you meet lots of different people with different backgrounds. It improves your social skills.” - Nikolaj McCormick, Denmark/UK

“The benefits of studying for the IB DP at NIS are openness, small classes, and more one-on-one.” - Lars Petter Theodor Hjelmstrom, Denmark


Students choosing the STX route can design their own course of study. This flexible programme allows students to combine arts, sciences, maths, humanities, and languages in different combinations. The Sports College and Music Academy can also be added into the mix.


HF is a 2 year alternative to the public high school, and now students can enter directly from 9th grade. NGG offers a range of subjects and levels to suit all tastes.

Sports, music and more

The NGG Gymnasium plays host to two added extras that any NIS High school /Gymnasium student can access. The Sports College offers students a professional training environment, a supportive study environment, study guidance, homework help, and collaboration with Team Denmark. Sports include Football, Basketball, Handball, Skiing, Golf, Dance and Fitness, Strength & Adventure.

The Music Academy

NGG Music Academy offers students who are passionate about music the chance to develop their musical abilities further. There are weekly lessons in voice training, singing, choir and ensemble. In addition, you can follow the vocal or instrument line.

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