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Summer recharge or time to find your next job?

If you are taking a summer vacation, then it is good to completely unwind and recharge – and forget about searching for a job for the time being. If you are not having a holiday, then it just might be the perfect time to look for a job.

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Text: Greete Eluri

Whatever you are doing, make sure you do it thoroughly, and you commit to it – doing something 50% will never lead you to your goal.

Explore Denmark

July is the perfect time in Denmark to explore the country and unwind. If you are taking a vacation, make sure you are taking a vacation. Give yourself the time you need to rewind, relax and rest. Do the things you have not yet had time to – even the small, everyday things which bring you joy. In May’s issue, I spoke about focusing on the things you can control – this is also relevant here.

It might take some days to ‘turn off’ your job seeker brain, but it is needed. No one can be productive and mentally ready to work if they are stressed. If you’re lucky enough, perhaps you can go and visit your family, but if you are staying in Denmark, then take out the map and go explore. I know I have much more exploring to do and I have already planned some smaller trips in the upcoming months.

"Do anything to 'get some downtime' and just relax. Your body and mind will thank you for that later, I promise you.""

Take time to read books, meditate, listen to your favourite music and do the things that make you happy – do things that give you joy. July is the perfect time to do it where the days are long, and sometimes it’s hard to see when one day ends and begins. Take advantage of that! Visit your friends whom you have not seen in a long time, take a swim late in the evening, indulge in the best ice-cream in town or that pastry you still have not tried.

Do anything which helps you to ‘get some downtime’ and just relax. Your body and mind will thank you for that later, I promise you.

Job seeking over the summer

It might feel that nothing happens in the summer months, but it’s not entirely true. Even though many companies might 'slow down', it’s also a time when people change jobs etc. Now is the time to network and find out about positions which often do not end up online.

Summer is an excellent time to reach out to managers to hear what is happening during the summer months. They often already have the info, but it is not advertised yet, so it is your job to contact them and find the possible ‘holes’ so you could perhaps get in.

If you are actively seeking for a job, make sure your Linkedin profile is up to date, make yourself visible, so that it is clear to everyone – where, why and what you are looking for. The more precise you are, the better. If you would like to know more details, you are welcome to check out the articles I have written on my Linkedin profile. Another idea could be to check Jobindex’s archive – you can find old job ads and get lots of golden nuggets from there.

Whether you are taking a holiday or focusing on your job searching, make sure you commit to it – this will give you the best results in the long term. Enjoy!

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