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Students inspiring students

Photograph: Nordic Study Abroad Community

Text: Skyler Bentley Hall

What is more inspiring than observing young, ambitious students motivate their peers about unique academic pathways?

Supporting students with personalised career and university advice is one of the most rewarding roles I have encountered as an Educational Consultant and learning about the Nordic Study Abroad Community (NSAC) has inspired me to spread the word.

“The NSAC Conference is the best channel to get in touch with serious, determined and curious Scandinavian students.” - Bocconi University, Italy, Veronica Sullo

Receiving university guidance is a foreign concept for many students in Denmark, but NSAC is an invaluable resource to start the process. Scandinavians can join this non-profit, international student organisation that raises awareness of Higher Education opportunities for students globally.

The next generation of students

This year marked the 10th anniversary of the NSAC Conference, an informative event led by two ambitious members, President Natasha Peters and Vice-President Maiken Vindmar. With two hundred participants, fourteen international universities and five Nordic organisations, NSAC’s first virtual conference was a tremendous success.

Co-founder, Nicholas Bendt, highlighted the fundamental principles embedded in the NSAC approach, encouraging like-minded students to expand their horizons and explore global opportunities. Valuable insights were shared by NSAC volunteers regarding university life, financing, preparing to go abroad and applying for international degrees.

Nordic Study Abroad Community is making a difference for aspiring Nordic millennials - a commendable pay it forward initiative led by highly ambitious students. Looking for inspiration?

Learn more about NSAC:

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