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Standing together against bullying

International and Danish learners celebrate Pink T-shirt day together.

Photographs: North Zealand International School

Text: Shani Bishop

On Friday 24th September, over 1000 learners, 100 teachers and 1 Principal from NGG, which includes North Zealand International School (NIS), came together to wear pink T-shirts. Pink T-shirt Day allows learners to demonstrate respect for each other and promote a positive learning environment. The learners joined hands and circled the school building in a show of unity. The idea originated in Canada in 2007 and was organised by David Shepherd and Travis Price. They bought and handed out 50 pink T-shirts to learners after a ninth-grade learner was bullied for wearing a pink shirt. So every year, everyone at NGG, including NIS, unite in recognition and in a desire to create a safe space for everyone to learn and play.

Pink T-shirt day allows everyone at NGG and NIS to think about the issue and what they can do to make life better for everyone, whether as an upstander or modifying their own behaviour.

“Kids love Pink T-shirt Day; they enjoy the social experience and how it feels unifying in a healthy way.”

This year, in preparation for Pink T-shirt Day, NIS posted some videos about what makes a good friend. Advika, a year seven learner from India, said, “A good friend to me is someone who will always be there, is really nice to you. Instead of trying to tell you what to do, they are helping you”.

Shaun, a year five learner from Zimbabwe, said, “ a good classmate is someone who does the personal goals to all people”. The IPC personal goals at NIS are Thinker, Adaptable, Resilient, Collaborator, Communicator, Respectful, Empathetic and Ethical. These traits are nurtured all through the curriculum at NIS.

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