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Spring camping in Denmark

How Danish campgrounds can offer you the escape you need after living months in lockdown.


Text: Kelly Kristensen

During the beginning of spring in Denmark, you will see campers and caravans cruising down Danish highways. It is a sign that summer is not too far away for most people, but for those seasoned veterans, camping is very much a way of life.

With many people looking to stay local for the Danish spring holidays this year, camping is becoming an excellent option for a cheaper and more laid-back way to explore Denmark after months of lockdown. In fact, many people who are new to camping are starting to discover just what they have been missing.

Why go camping in Denmark this Spring

With Easter being the official start of the camping season in Denmark, it is no surprise that many campgrounds kick off the weekend with a full itinerary of fun, holiday activities for the entire family. In fact, many places will offer discounted prices and special events that allow guests to have great, memorable experiences during their stay.

Also, campgrounds are a fantastic option for families with children. Whether you enjoy the playground, moon cars, mini-golf or an indoor swimming pool, you are sure to find the perfect place that serves your interests when camping in Denmark.

Don’t have kids? Couples and singles can also enjoy the many benefits of camping. Imagine waking up to the view of a sunrise over a fjord or taking a quiet stroll down a nature trail with your pet. Many campgrounds even have indoor spas and restaurants or are within walking distance to a town centre. Everyone can find something good about staying at a campground.

"Denmark tends to be relatively cool and wet in the springtime, so packing your rain clothes and having some rainy-day activities planned are always good ideas."

More camping options

What if you don’t have your own camper or caravan? No problem! Many campgrounds have cabins that you can rent during your stay. These cabins are often equipped with many comforts of home like a coffee machine, television, and private bathroom. No one said that camping has to mean “roughing it”.

However, if “roughing it” is more your style, there are many free places that you can visit when taking hiking or biking trips around Denmark. The Danish Nature Agency has a list of shelters within different natural areas of Denmark that are free to use by those needing a place to stay for one night as they are passing through different forested areas.

Also, if you have a camper van or RV, Denmark has designated areas in many natural areas equipped with fresh water and sanitary buildings. These may have more amenities than a shelter in the forest, but they don’t have as much to offer as a campground. It all depends on which type of experience you are looking to have during your spring holiday weekend in Denmark. You’ll find that camping trips tend to have something for everyone.

Tips for planning your camping trip

Finding the area of Denmark to visit might be the easy part since you can choose to stay close to home or explore some place new. Once you have found the perfect area for your spring holiday getaway, be sure to check for availability in advance, especially if you are planning to rent a cabin. Though it may be easier to find a spot for a caravan or tent, cabins tend to fill up fast during the spring holidays.

Also, be prepared for any kind of weather. Denmark tends to be relatively cool and wet in the springtime, so packing your rain clothes and having some rainy-day activities planned are always good ideas. We like to take board games, colouring books and a deck of playing cards for rainy days and quiet times.

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