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New Year's resolutions you will actually enjoy!

It's January, which means many of us have already chosen a New Year's resolution to focus on in 2022, whereas others of us may not believe in them at all! Whatever your perspective, here are a few feel-good and attainable goals to consider for the new year:

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Katharine H Noyed


Let's face it: our lives are busy. Despite Denmark having a shorter work week than many other countries, many of us fill every moment with activities and appointments for ourselves and our families. A meaningful way to de-stress is to be mindful of the present moment. What does this mean? Start by breathing deeply. Focus on what each of your five senses you are experiencing. What are you seeing? Hearing? Is your jaw clenched? Without judgement, find ways to relax your body and just experience the present moment. We are better equipped to make our daily schedules calmer and more peaceful when mindful. Doesn't that sound nice?


It happens every year: gym memberships with motivated resolutioners skyrocket before dwindling out in early spring. So instead of forcing stram op classes onto yourself, if that's not something you enjoy— try focusing on getting some natural movement into your life. Walking your dog (or borrowing your neighbour's dog for a walk!), biking to work, or playing with your kids are all ways to get some movement each day. Just pick something you enjoy, and it won't feel like a chore!

Less screen time

We look at our computers all day for work or school. We look at our phones to connect with friends and family through social media when we're home. But is all of this screen time making us happy? On the contrary, countless studies show that having too much screen time has adverse effects on our mental and physical health. So, when possible in the new year, let's try to put down our devices and be present in the moment— sensing a trend here? Your mind and body will thank you!

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