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Network, network, network!

Using a network to find a job In Denmark.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Luke Hannon

Your network is your net worth. Cliche? Most definitely! Are they true? Most certainly! The fact is that many jobs in Denmark are never advertised and are instead filled by nods, winks, and whispers, which proves the importance of building a solid network.

So how do you do that, I hear you ask? Let me show you how!

Building a personal network

Building a network is one of the most important things you can do to find a job in Denmark.

Before building a new network, the first thing you'll need to do is thoroughly review your existing one. Next, look through your Linkedin, reach out to friends, acquaintances and past colleagues and pinpoint those who might be able to help. This should always be your first point of call.

Once you've done this, it's time to start building your network. Identify companies that you would like to work with. Identify the key people that could help you find a job there. Usually these are recruiters but in smaller companies can be key decision makers or "heads of". I always recommend that people watch a Youtube video by Google's Jeff Su called "Reach out to Recruiters on LinkedIn (the right way!)". Trust me, it will teach you more about building a network in six minutes and twenty six seconds than you will ever possibly need. He shows the best way to build your network of recruiters by:

  1. Requesting to connect with the recruiter so you can write them a longer, more personalised message.

  2. Asking the recruiter to put you in contact with the person doing the job you would like to do to find out more.

  3. Once you've been connected, always remember to follow up to thank them and keep yourself top of mind.

You can't go wrong with a message like this! Trust me, I'm a recruiter!

"Go to the event with a plan of action, who you want to speak to and a goal in mind. After all that all you need to do is show up."

Networking events

Nothing beats the personal connection you can make with somebody at a networking event.

If you're a student, then be sure to look on campus for any industry networking events that might be taking place on campus. For everyone else - Google and Meetup are your best friends. Search out events relevant to your experience, skills and interests and sign up. Most people don't realise that the hard work takes place before the event itself. Most events show the attendees in advance. Look up the people you wish to speak to, make contact and mention that you look forward to meeting them at the event.

Go to the event with a plan of action, who you want to speak to and a goal in mind. After all that all you need to do is show up, bring your most inviting smile, warmest handshake (even post-covid) and be ready to build your network.

If you want to build a network, there's no better place than at the right networking events!

Maintaining your network

You've made connections on Linkedin. You've charmed them at networking events.

Now what? Now you need to MAINTAIN those relationships. Just like a garden becoming overgrown if left to its own devices, you need to be sure to keep in touch with these newfound connections. If you've made contact with people at networking events, it's always a good idea to message them a few days after to touch base. To really maximise this message, it's very important to provide VALUE in this follow-up message. Don't just invite them out for a coffee, show an interest in discussing their product, ask their opinion on something they mentioned at the event. Hubspot offers a number of useful templates for you to use to take the pressure off being creative. The bottom line is though, if you want to maintain a successful network then you'll have to put in the work.

Trust me though, it'll be worth it!

There you have it! By building your network you'll greatly increase your chances of finding the job your talent deserves!

Stay tuned for next month!

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