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Making a difference at Christmas

Photographs: iStock

Text: Jakob Weizman

Denmark’s Save the Children organisation is working hard this year to give back to those less fortunate, with over 1000 volunteers in sixty local branches spread out across the country.

During these challenging times amidst a global pandemic, locals in the Favrskov municipality (kommune) are reaching out to their local Save the Children to play their part in bettering the lives of people around them.

“Due to the pandemic we experienced an increase in the interest among all with an urge to help others, especially children and families with social and/or economic challenges,” said Michael Hejlskov Jacobsen, who runs the local branch in Favrskov. “Of course, the pandemic makes collecting donations a little more challenging, but everyone is fully aware of the situation and supports alternative initiatives.”

“Teaming up with a local private school, Save the Children will deliver Christmas gifts to impoverished children in their community.”

This year, with Christmas on its way, volunteers are making sure they are doing the most they can to help those in need. Teaming up with a local private school, Save the Children will deliver Christmas gifts wrapped and donated by students, to impoverished children in their community. Fifteen families will also be able to enjoy a full Christmas meal, organised in collaboration with Madexpressen, a great caterer and Wineboutique, and sponsored alongside local real estate company EDC.

“From the feedback we receive from children and their families, we truly believe we as an organisation have a great importance in making a difference in our community,” said Jacobsen.

For more information and to find out how you can volunteer, send an email to Michael on or their website:

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