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Irfan and Don walk the talk

Photographs: Martina Popadakova

Text: Martina Popadakova

This enterprising coffee shop is living up to its mission, even during the time of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Social Brew has a dedicated and passionate team who continue to deliver their speciality coffee to restaurants, coffee shops and offices throughout Denmark and thus supporting micro farmers around the world who are suffering from the pandemic too.

Social Brew is a local coffee roaster offering ethically grown coffee from small farmers around the world. Founders, Irfan Asghar and Don Mousavi share a common vision: “Specialty coffee should not be expensive, it should be affordable and for everyone”. They not only supply certified speciality coffee but also serve great tasting cups without a hefty price tag in the heart of Copenhagen.

With all regulations and limitations that the pandemic is placing on all enterprises, the collaborative partnerships to support and help each other was never more critical. Co-founder, Don Mousavi, explains to The International: “It started in February when we got hit, and we did not even have enough money to buy milk for our coffee shop, but we had coffee beans.”

“It is not only us in this mess, and what we have in our hands and capacity is at least to give out some coffee beans.”

Social Brew wanted to help their community, and during the second wave, they continue giving complimentary coffee beans to fellow coffee shops that are suffering from consequences of the COVID-19.

Despite its own challenges, Social Brew takes one step further and sets an example for solidarity and cooperation amongst small businesses. As Co-founder says: “This is our natural responsibility to give a hand to each other in time of crisis.”

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