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Indian Ambassador to Denmark gifts Classical Indian Library to TEC

Photograph: iStock

Text: Staff Writer

The Indian Ambassador to Denmark, Ajit Gupte, visited the school of Technical Education Copenhagen (TEC) in Frederiksberg today in order to promote ‘green transition’ between India and Denmark where education and retraining will be prime focus. He also donated a ‘mini-library’ of Classical Indian Literary works to TEC and planted a ‘friendship tree’ at the school with Director of TEC Morten Emborg.

The Ambassador’s visit follows the recently held virtual summit between Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen and her counterpart, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi where they agreed to work closely together on green initiatives.

TEC, along with three other vocational schools have been members of the Danish Consortium for Academic Craftsmanship, which over the past three years, has entered into a series of agreements with several larger Indian organisations.

According to a press release issued by the Indian Embassy in Copenhagen, Denmark will help in educating and up-skilling the Indian workforce through applied on-job practical learning and training at these companies.

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