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The great holiday exodus

Photograph: Pexels

Text: Lyndsay Jensen

Historically, the great holiday escape goes into overdrive during week 29. This week, in particular, sees many Danes packing their bags and heading off to various corners of the globe, seeking adventure, relaxation, or just a change of scenery.

Dear readers

This year, an interesting trend is emerging: more and more people are flocking to Denmark, drawn by our cooler climate amidst the backdrop of global climate changes.

Climate change and the Danish appeal

Yes, you heard that right. While the rest of the world is heating up, Denmark's occasional rain and cooler weather are becoming a sought-after refuge. It seems our famously unpredictable weather, which has been the butt of many jokes (including ours - did you hear about the tourist who asked if we ever had a summer? We replied, "Yes, but if you blinked, you missed it!"), is now a selling point. Climate change is driving people to seek out more temperate climates, and Denmark fits the bill perfectly.

Government advisory on prepping

As we welcome new visitors seeking respite from the heat, it's important to note a recent alert from the Danish government that's creating a buzz. Citizens and residents have been advised in the media to begin prepping for potential emergencies in Denmark. This alert has surprised many, especially our international community, who may not be familiar with the concept of prepping. At the time of going live, no advice has been given in any language other than Danish, which is disappointing for our international community, which makes up around 15% of the Danish population.

Prepping: A Scandinavian tradition

Prepping, or preparing for emergencies, is a common practice in countries like Sweden, Norway, and Finland. As one Finnish friend commented, "Finland has been prepping forever; this is nothing new - Denmark is just slow to the party." These nations, accustomed to extreme winter weather, have long adopted measures to ensure their citizens are ready for any eventuality. Stockpiling essentials, having emergency kits, and planning for power outages and floods are standard practices.

The importance of readiness

It's not about inducing panic but rather about having a sense of readiness and resilience. Whether it's a sudden storm, a power outage, or any other unforeseen event, having a plan in place can make all the difference. For those new to prepping, it can seem overwhelming, but our guide on the next page (read the whole issue online) will break it down into manageable steps.

International residents and prepping

Interestingly, our international residents have shown a mix of curiosity and confusion regarding this advisory. Many come from countries where the weather is more stable and prepping isn't as ingrained in the culture. This advisory highlights the importance of community awareness and support. It's a collective effort, and by sharing knowledge and resources, we can all be better prepared.

Looking ahead

In our next issue, we'll delve deeper into the topic of prepping. We'll explore the history and cultural significance of prepping in Scandinavian countries and provide more detailed guidance on how to begin if you haven't already. From building a basic emergency kit to understanding local risks, we aim to equip you with the knowledge and confidence to face any challenge.

So, as I look forward to clocking off next week, we also welcome new visitors to our beautiful country. Remember, whether you're enjoying a sunny day or sheltering from a sudden downpour, Denmark's weather is always an adventure. Happy holidays, and stay prepared!

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