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Group fitness: more than just a workout!

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Alexandra Beck

If you, like many, have been through the trials and errors of creating a workout routine, you will know that it takes a lot more than just a plan before you even get to the first workout!

Between learning at what time of day you prefer to workout, which kind of exercise you enjoy, and which gyms or private groups are convenient in your area, there are so many logistics before taking the first steps! And then, even after you have created what looks like the perfect routine, sticking to it can be a mission. Luckily, many opportunities within the industry work towards supporting routines and fitness goals!

Group fitness

It is an excellent option and one that is close to my heart for anyone who needs support in staying motivated, who needs accountability and who wants an experience that will make them come back time after time!

Group fitness sessions are usually led by a qualified instructor or personal trainer, so you can expect some better guidance on form than if you were to go to the gym alone. Working out as a team is so much more than a workout! I promise you that the combination of a fixed schedule, mixed with a group of people in a class setting, is the recipe for adults to achieve their fitness goals with more success!

Here’s why…

Besides creating accountability, group fitness has so many other benefits: it can help build confidence, gain support and motivation and enhance your social health! There is a certain sense of security in having people around you who are working towards a similar goal, and the support helps to overcome many newbie concerns, like the fear of the struggle, muscle soreness or even failure. One of the greatest parts about starting in a team, is that it makes it so much easier to create realistic expectations for yourself when you see other people experiencing the same thing as you in real time.

Fixed schedules rule

When I look at my teams, I can see the social, mental, and physical benefits of them meeting up and working out together one, two or three times per week. When you dedicate specific days and times to exercise with other people, you are more likely to show up because there is more chance that someone will notice if you are not there! And if you find a suitable exercise class with the right instructor and a fun group of like-minded people, the chances that you actually make it a top priority are way higher than if you were flying solo!

Okay, now I’ve almost convinced you to give it a go, so what exactly should you look for in a group fitness class?

An expert instructor

Get to know your instructor and his/her fitness background. Make sure your instructor has a health or fitness-related qualification, preferably a speciality certification in the class they are teaching. This way, you can confidently ask for help and get assistance during class to ensure proper form and prevent injury. A qualified fitness expert will also make sure to provide adaptive and progressive formats to suit your current level and support your goals.

An appealing and safe environment

An appealing environment can refer to a number of aspects of where group fitness sessions are held. For example, do you like to work out at a gym with an allocated classroom and a fully equipped set-up, or do you prefer an outdoor setting with fresh air and a view?

The area should be safe to work out in, and the instructor should make sure you feel welcome no matter what your own fitness level is. This is going to be the place you want to come back to, to experience the group fitness magic!


This could be anything that makes you smile during class, whether it’s a crazy cool playlist, some groovy dance moves or your instructor’s ability to make (bad) jokes. If you attend a class that makes you feel like a million kroner, you have hit the jackpot! Invest and reap the incredible benefits for years to come!

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