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Freeing the wild woman within

Text: Michaela Medvedova

Pictures: Embolc

Named after a festival celebrating the return of the light, Embolc is an organisation helping mothers of highly sensitive children to find their intuition again.

For people who encounter mental illness, life may seem like the darkest, endless winter. What they need is hope that there will be light again.

Being that hope is the purpose of Embolc, an organisation founded by Lotte Weaver, helping parents – especially mothers – with highly sensitive children, it aims for a more holistic approach. “In every treatment, we have to connect the mental state with the body and the heart, the feelings. So those three centres are essential to any kind of healing process,” Lotte believes.

Being a mother of a highly sensitive child herself – a daughter diagnosed as bipolar and put on medication that was not working for her. After years of her daughter’s struggle and hospitalisations, Lotte realised she initially trusted the experts instead of her inner voice telling her the medication was not the right fit for her daughter. “Mothers know – but when we meet the system, we are not invited to listen to our gut feeling,” explains Lotte.

“Mothers know – but when we meet the system, we are not invited to listen to our gut feeling.”

From her own reflections, a calling arose. Three years ago, Lotte quit her job – a leadership position in a large corporate – to support other women. She decided to run test groups in 2019 with women with similar experiences to take them through a programme helping them find their intuition again. “Some women were so far removed from themselves. During this process, I saw them connecting with themselves again.”

Reinforced by positive experiences, Lotte founded Embolc in March 2020. Now, she offers a 24-week programme for mothers of highly sensitive children, which, in three cycles of 8 weeks, helps them find their intuitive power and reconnect with their bodies and the essence of being a woman - the wild woman inside with emotions that have been suppressed. She also has two free online communities for mothers.

Lotte currently has two groups in progress and is starting a new one in August. So far, 13 women have gone through the entire course - reclaiming their power, supporting their children differently – and taking back their own lives. And the change does not only affect the women. “You start with the mother, but then the entire family starts to go through a development process where they stand strong together at the end. They are not separate anymore,” she concludes.

For more information, contact Embolc through their website:

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