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Finding the right fit for your teen

Photographs: North Zealand International School

Text: Shani Bishop

As 8pm approached on the 20th January 2021, Karen Bøttger, Head of North Zealand School, was apprehensive. She had hosted webinars and run face to face open evenings before, but this was a little different. A virtual open evening for the Pre-IB and IB Diploma Programme was something new. Karen was joined by Cathy Lowder, IB Diploma Science teacher and students Theo, Cecilie and Malthe, for this eventful evening.

NIS is used to welcoming new students, so it has a very welcoming and friendly atmosphere. Karen explained how peer tutors support and welcome new students. Small class sizes mean teachers can really spend time on team building and helping new students feel comfortable.

There were many questions that students and parents asked. Here we answer the most frequently asked questions that explain how NIS supports new students on arrival in this programme.

What is the Talent Programme?

Students have the opportunity to be taught by university academics and take part in science competitions. Cecilie went to Greenland as part of the programme to research natural resources in Greenland.

What is the Music Academy?

Cecilie explained about the vocal and instrument line. The college provides training to allow you to perfect your craft. No experience is necessary, so anyone can sign up.

"Small class sizes mean teachers can really spend time on team building and helping new students feel comfortable." - Karen Bøttger, Head of North Zealand School

How do the Danish and International classes overlap?

The NIS Diploma Programme students will be based in the Gymnasium. The Music College, Talent Programme and Sports College will be taught together with other Danish students. Students from all Gymnasium courses go on trips together, so there are many opportunities to develop good friendships and socialise together.

Can IB Diploma Programme students apply to Danish universities?

Karen explained that all options remain open to attending local or overseas universities because the IB Diploma Programme is recognised worldwide.

Which teachers will teach the IB Diploma Programme?

Teachers are drawn from the international school and Gymnasium. The website now has a video bank of short films explaining the IB DP at NIS.

What opportunities does the Sports College present?

NGG is a Team Denmark Gymnasium and has a Sports College to develop skills in football, skiing, dance, badminton, basketball, handball, golf, fitness, strength and adventure. There is regular training, and coaches work with you according to your needs. Cecilie shared how she has loved training to be a ski instructor.

How does the IB Diploma Programme compare to STX?

Karen explained that the IB Diploma is a rigorous and challenging programme that encompasses more than just academics. Cathy described how the programme provides so many opportunities to develop well-rounded individuals ready for further learning. Some of the learning is comparable to the first year of university. NIS alumni tell the school that the skills they have developed with the Diploma mean they are really ready for a university programme.

Why should your teen decide to choose the IB Diploma Programme at NIS?

Malthe said he liked the fact that he knew everyone at school because it isn’t that big. Cecilie commented that she really liked the flexibility and has been part of every programme NGG offers (sports college etc.). Cathy believed that being part of a small school means students feel more confident in speaking out. Karen reiterated the sense of community and approachable teachers.

Students can apply for the Pre-IB and IB Diploma Programme through Open Apply on the NIS website and

Please contact the school directly for applications after March.

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