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Family fun for the long, hot summer ahead

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Text: Shani Bishop, North Zealand International School

With Denmark returning to normal, we can all look forward to a relaxing summer. Summer is the time many families look for a place at an international school. North Zealand International School is a popular choice for families just arriving in Denmark and those looking for an international school. Our school is growing so there are more opportunities at the moment to find a space for your child. If you are staying in Denmark this summer, read about our tips for fun activities.

NIS Summer camps

Every year NIS offer learners the chance to join the highly rated summer camps. Teachers from NIS run them, so learners feel comfortable right from the start. Sports, drama, arts, crafts, language and STEM workshops are all on offer. Mariska's daughter joined last year and said, "I loved the plays, science experiments and playing outside with all my friends. I'm definitely going again this year."


Frederiksborg Castle

Visit the beautiful Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød. They have a great museum and offer tours too. Beautiful parks surround the castle where you can walk and cycle. Make sure you try the ferry at the lake. It's inexpensive and really a great way to experience the lovely surroundings.

We all scream for ice cream

Sørup Ice is the best cafe in Hillerød, with the most beautiful view of the Frederiksborg Castle. Try their homemade ice cream and cakes.

Road tripping

Take a trip to Tisvilde. A really cosy town with a fantastic beach, play area and lovely restaurants to eat in.


At Lyngby lake, you can rent canoes and boats. Make sure to bring bread as the ducks are very curious! There is also a great beach site at Lyngby Lake where you can get homemade barbeque food.


Enjoy an outdoor swimming pool with slides. Try Friluftsbadet Badesøen.


Indoor swimming

Gribskov has a lovely swimming pool with a great slide.

Indoor play centres

Softplay centres are open now. But, if the kids want a change, try the mega one in Ballerup.

Reading over the summer

Danish libraries are fantastic and offer a range of books for English speakers and learners. Hørsholm library has a lovely play area inside and out. Gentofte has a wide selection of books and many nice seating areas. Copenhagen library in Krystalgade has had a complete refit of the children's area and now looks very enticing. There are child-friendly cubby holes and a soft play area for younger children.

For more ideas over the summer, download the free Newcomers Guide on the NIS website:

Using Personal Goals to inspire your kids every day

Primary learners at NIS are encouraged daily to keep going and achieve inside and outside the classroom using the 8 IPC (International Primary Curriculum) Personal Goals. For example, in class, teachers say, "I know some of you might find this challenging but use your resilience to keep going". In addition, parents can use these goals to support their children at home by encouraging participation or praising thinking when their children find a solution to a problem. In this way, our parents and teachers work together to encourage these essential lifelong skills in our learners.

Josh, a sports teacher at NIS, explains how he uses the IPC Personal Goals

"Each week, we focus on one Personal Goal. Students are asked to nominate a peer who has demonstrated that goal and explain what associated skill or quality impressed them. Thus, students inspire each other, and enthusiasm is channelled for the benefit of all. Before a tournament with other schools, we ask the students to recall the 8 Personal Goals and suggest how each could be demonstrated during and after performance that day. This allows us to enter with a positive, balanced attitude."

Want to join NIS? Apply now for a place in August 2021.

To apply for a place at NIS, please see for more details.

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