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Falling in love with the biking culture of Denmark

Colourful bikes appeared overnight in the Greater Copenhagen Region, inviting internationals to try out the region’s biking culture.

Photograph: Copenhagen Capacity

Text: Copenhagen Capacity

Biking in the Greater Copenhagen Region is an integral part of the daily life of its people. Bike journeys account for more than 30% of all trips in the region. Copenhagen and Malmö are ranked among the best biking cities in the world, enabling a thriving biking culture through reliable and vast infrastructure that is healthy for the individual and the environment. Sweden and Denmark are proof of that as they often score high in sustainability and citizen well-being.

Invest in Skåne, and Copenhagen Capacity launched a campaign to challenge people around the globe to share a photo of a memorable biking experience with a caption on the #ibike campaign site. As a result, five colourful bikes have been placed in five cities across the Greater Copenhagen Region, encouraging passers-by to celebrate its thriving biking culture.

Five bikes are positioned across the region – from Tour de France in Copenhagen, Roskilde and Malmö Pride to Gullbrannafestivalen in Halmstad and Lund – inspiring people from all over the world to taste the Greater Copenhagen Region’s biking lifestyle. As part of a digital campaign, the bikes will encourage people to share their biking photos online on the #ibike campaign site. In addition, participants will get the chance to win popular bike equipment developed in the region, sponsored by MATE, PåHoj, Hövding, and IAMRUNBOX. Renowned for its bike-friendly infrastructure, Greater Copenhagen Region is home to leading biking solution brands and sustainable innovation. To find out more about the competition, visit

"Danish biking culture is at the core of why we are one of the happiest nations in the world. The biking lifestyle of Denmark inspired us to share the joy of biking with the world. Our mission, to challenge traffic congestion by adopting biking, enables us to take this everyday magic to the world. We move people physically and emotionally in a fun and cool way. Biking gives you a physical workout and engages your heart and mind with your surroundings, taking in the beauty of every day and the joy of expressing yourself on a bike that compliments your style and needs." - Michael Lillelund, Head of Brand, at MATE.

Greater Copenhagen region

Greater Copenhagen Region is a place brand led by Copenhagen Capacity and Invest in Skåne. The region spans Eastern Denmark and Skåne and Halland in Southern Sweden, and it offers a Scandinavian way of living - cherishing work-life balance and space for individual freedom. Home to leading business hubs, research centres, and universities – the Greater Copenhagen Region is an attractive place for innovation and international cooperation.

Copenhagen Capacity

Copenhagen Capacity is a not-for-profit marketing and business promotion foundation financed by public organisations, private funds, and companies. They attract international companies, professional talent, and investment to ensure continuous, sustainable development in the Greater Copenhagen Region and Denmark.

Invest in Skåne

Invest in Skåne is the official trade and investment promotion agency for the southernmost part of Sweden. They help international companies invest and expand in the region; local companies find international partnerships, grow global sales, and attract valuable talent to the region, securing a skilled, diverse, and competent workforce in Skåne and the Greater Copenhagen Region.

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