Events for internationals on a national scale!

At the time of going to press, Welcome September was already in full swing! With over 100 events throughout Denmark from late August until early October 2021, the next two months will be exciting for internationals throughout Denmark! These varied events are aimed at newly arrived and well-established internationals and Danes, who might not be aware of activities or information available to them in their area. Over the following 10 pages, you will be spoilt for a choice of events to attend physically as well as virtually. For more information, you can always go check out their website on: See you there!


Frøslev, Nykøbing Mors

Date: 4 September - 16:00

Event: Newcomer Network

Meet other newcomers and learn more about Mors and Denmark.

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Date: 8 September - 17:00-20:00

Event: Living in Thy

Join us on 8 September from 17:00 to 20:00 at Plantagehuset in Thisted. Network with other international citizens living in Thy, talk to international companies and meet the Mayor.

This will be an informal event with cake, coffee, and snacks and an excellent opportunity for you to bring your own "culture cake" so other internationals can "taste" your culture/background. At the same time, you can learn more about the many possibilities in Thy regarding, e.g. sport, leisure time, culture, jobs and a lot of exciting experiences and fun when living in Thy. The Living in Thy event is free, and all are welcome to participate, but registration is required. We hope to see you there!

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Date: 10 September - 16:00-17:00

Event: Getting started - An introduction to life in Denmark

Learn 'How to Denmark' at this event. Getting Started is an introduction to life in Denmark. It is the need-to-know and good-to-know information about Denmark for recent arrivals.

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Nykøbing Mors

Date: 10 September - 16:00

Event: Newcomer network

Meet newcomers and local citizens.

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Date: 10 September - 17:00-18:30

Event: Diversity Evening at Aalborg Zoo 2021

On Diversity Evening, we invite all international citizens to enjoy the evening at Aalborg Zoo. Come and meet other internationals, see the zoo's animals and enjoy a lovely evening in the name of diversity. Entrance to the Zoo is free on Diversity Evening - sign up is required.

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Date: 11 September - 18:30

Event: Culture Day - Hele verden i Frederikshavn

Hele verden i Frederikshavn / The whole world in Frederikshavn is a cultural day with a lot of food, music and fun with people from all around the world.

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Date: 16 September

Event: Career in Frederikshavn

The focus of this workshop is to provide you with knowledge and tools on how to create and maintain an active LinkedIn profile. Together, we will discuss and learn about content that reflects your brand and how to create it.

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Date: 21 September - 16:00-18:00

Event: Internationals Fair North Denmark

Join us at the Internationals' Fair North Denmark 2021 if you are an international living in North Denmark and interested in knowing more about all the opportunities that life in the region has to offer. Meet 25+ public and private organisations, who will present their offers aimed at the international community.

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Date: 24 September - 09:00-14:00

Event: Bus tour in Vesthimmerland

A tour of Vesthimmerland. Meet Vesthimmerland and companies on location - read more and sign up here:


Date: 30 September - 10:00-11:30

Event: Job Search in North Denmark

At this webinar, you will be introduced to important aspects of job searching in Denmark, and you will get an insight into writing a CV and cover letter according to Danish requirements. You will also be informed about opportunities in North Denmark.

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Date: 28 august - 12:00-14:00

Event: Expat Reception

Get ready for the biggest expat event of the year! Join us for some great food and networking while experiencing the unique Aarhus Festival atmosphere. Aarhus Festival, International Community and partners invite expats and their families to this annual tradition. You can relax with your family and socialise with other expats at the reception while enjoying some light refreshments. Taking place in the heart of Aarhus, the reception is just a stone's throw from several other entertaining and engaging festival activities for the whole family, making the reception the perfect excuse for a fun day out. Free of charge, but registration is necessary.

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Date: 1-30 September

Event: World Map - Put a Pin in Your Home Country

World Map - Put a Pin in Your Home Country and understand how many different nationalities live in Skive. You can find the World Map at Skive Bibliotek / Skive Library.

Ikast - Brande

Date: 4 September - 10:30-13:00

Event: Expat Day Ikast-Brande

Get to know the Ikast-Brande area and meet new friends and network! Join the event and learn more about careers, leisure and networks in the area. The event is a mix of short pitches and stands for further information. Kids can play while the adults get inspired. We look forward to welcoming you!

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Date: 9 September - 16:00-18:00

Event: International Leadership Forum (ILF)

Behind the scenes with International Leadership Forum. The International Leadership Forum exists to help international executives and senior leaders succeed in Danish companies while building a solid network and a better understanding of Danish leadership, business and social culture. Join The International Leadership Forum when we once again are granted exclusive access to one of the city's renowned companies or cultural hotspots. The event is by invitation only and takes place on 9 September from 16.00-18.30. Are you an international executive or senior leader and want to hear more? Then get in touch with Tiny Maerschalk on for further info.

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Date: 11 September - 10:30

Event: Meet International Newcomers for Board Games

Meet local internationals for board games at Skive Bibliotek / Skive Library.


Date: 12 September - 15:00-17:00

Event: Tennis with AGF

Have you ever considered trying out tennis? Or are you simply looking for a club to sign up for in Aarhus? AGF Tennis is once again allowing us to try out the sport and its facilities. So don't miss your chance and join us, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an advanced player!

Some practical information:

• All the equipment you need for playing is provided by AGF Tennis.

• Make sure to wear comfortable sportswear and bring water.

• There will be available instructors that will divide you into groups and give guidance

throughout the session.

• The event is free! It is primarily suitable for adults and children above 13.

• The event will be held from 15:00-17:00. We highly recommend arriving at least 15

minutes before starting, as you need time to leave your belongings and get divided into

groups by the instructors.

• Attention! The spots are limited, so please make sure to sign up in advance. Signing up

is mandatory and is done through our website. We look forward to seeing you!

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Date: 14 September

Event: CV Workshop

This event aims to prepare you to find your first student job. You will get the best Do's and Don'ts and learn how to structure your CV, job application and LinkedIn profile. Further, you will meet internationals who share their experience of getting their first student job and learn how to use networking in your career strategy.


Date: 14 September - 8:30-09:15

Event: Working across cultures (workshop) with HEADSTART

How to better communicate and collaborate with your Danish and International colleagues. Experience intercultural trainer Hanne Boutrup who has worked in more than 54 countries as Communication's Director for the LEGO Group. Explore your own and your colleagues' cultural differences for 45 fun, informative and engaging minutes whilst you enjoy your morning cup of coffee. Get inspired. Culture influences almost every aspect of how we work together. Learn how to optimise and exploit the full potential of a cross-cultural workplace. Feel the difference. Participate in group discussions and exercises that will make you aware of how you communicate and behave – and how to improve. Join an entertaining morning workshop and get inspired to collaborate more successfully with your Danish and international colleagues! Online via Microsoft Teams.

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Date: 15 September - 16:00-17:30

Event: Big Blue City Tour

Meet local internationals, learn about the Big Blue Skive project and get a Skive city tour on electric scooters. Note: limited numbers of electric scooters available.

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Date: 17 September - 17:00-19:00

Event: CV Workshop

Join us for our TGIF evening, where we'll get together for drinks and celebrate the end of the week! This fun and informal event is an excellent opportunity to bring your colleagues and get to meet new people! We encourage you to bring your Danish colleague(s). Entry to this adults-only event is free. Attendees can purchase their own refreshments from the venue. We hope to see you there!

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Date: 18 September - 10:30

Event: Herning Expat Fair

Meet new people. Explore new opportunities. Expat Fair Herning is an annual event for internationals in Herning - and anyone else interested. Get to know associations, activities and things to do in the Herning area. There are plenty of opportunities to find new networks and meet new friends. Among other things, you can explore approximately 20 different stands, hear inspirational talks about job search and career as an international in Denmark, and how to get a network as an international.

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Date: 23 September

Event: Skive Jobfestival

Looking for a job in the Skive area? Visit Skive Jobfestival – meet more than 40 local employers for talks about careers and jobs in the Skive area.

A short introduction to Skive Jobfestival will be given by an adviser from Jobcenter Skive. Afterwards, you can meet local employers.


Date: 24 September - 10:00-12:00

Event: Monthly Coffee Morning

Coffee and socialising – what's not to like! Join Spouse Community Aarhus for our Monthly Coffee Morning event. This fun and informal event is an excellent opportunity to get to know Spouse Community Aarhus: who we are and what we do, along with meeting new people and enjoying some delicious coffee or tea at Lima Aarhus. Although entry to this event is free, attendees can purchase their own coffee, tea and refreshments from the venue.

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Date: 28 September - 17:00-18:30

Event: Understanding Danish Culture & Society with HEADSTART

What are the underlying values of Danish Culture, and what structures define Danish Society? How does this affect your meeting with the Danes in your everyday life? In this first of three free webinars, we dig into Danish Culture, Values, Customs & Traditions. We look for answers about the differences – and similarities – that you experience living as an international in Denmark.

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Date: 28 September - 17:30-19:30

Event: Understanding Danish Culture & Society with HEADSTART

Discover your local community together with other locals. Everyone is welcome, whether you've lived in the municipality for years or just recently moved here.

Why you should join:

  • Get to know your town! You'll get introduced to a selection of clubs and activities in your area.

  • Broaden your local network! In groups with other participants, you will get to experience and try new activities.

  • Join an entertaining and inspiring evening!

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Date: 2 October - 10:00-14:00

Event: Aarhus City Welcome

Aarhus City Welcome brings the city together to give you the best possible guidance on networking, job search, work-life, language training, sports and leisure, culture, children's lives, and volunteering. Whether you are an absolute newcomer or have lived in Aarhus for years as a professional, accompanying partner or student, this event is dedicated and tailored to you! Endless inspiration awaits you – meet 40 different organisations at the Information Bazzar, dive into inspiring talks at Speakers' Corner and exchange experiences at the Living Library. Welcome to the biggest event for internationals in Aarhus – we can't wait to see you!

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Date: 1, 15, 29 September - 17:00-21:00

Event: Food Club for Newcomers

The Food Club for newcomers takes place on some Wednesdays in September from 17:00-21:00 at Sønderskov-skolen. The theme for September is "Our diverse city", where the food we enjoy together reflect the cultural diversity of Sønderborg. Therefore, participants who would like to share national or regional dishes from their home countries design a menu for a session. The form is always hands-on cooking and learning and if someone would like to give a small lesson on techniques, spices etc. you are welcome. So join us for a cosy, joyful evening with lots of food to eat!

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Date: 1 September - 11:00

Event: Esbjerg International Ladies Coffee morning

Meet and connect with other International (& Internationally minded Danish) ladies.

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Date: 1 September - 17:00

Event: Guided tour with The Night Watchman

Participate in a guided tour in the heart of Odense and get to know the history of the fairytale city! Come hear tales about Vikings, poets and royals in the days of yore when we take a trip around the historic quarter of Odense with the Night Watchman.

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Date: 2 September - 17:00-19:00

Event: Information meeting New arrivals - The Living Room

Be inspired for life in Esbjerg. Learn about club life in Denmark, local clubs, volunteer options, culture and sports venues, newcomer offers and newcomer events. Hear the stories and recommendations of two (former) newcomers to Esbjerg.

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Date: 2 September - 16:15-19:00

Event: Welcome to your local democracy

Tuesday 16 November is election day in Denmark – not for parliament but for our local city council Byrådet and the regional council, Regionsrådet. And YOU can vote – and you should! Former member of Byrådet in Billund Municipality Frede Nørskov has agreed to tell us, in English, about how the local democratic system in Denmark works and how to vote etc.

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Date: 3, 10, 17, 24 September - 17:00-18:30

Event: Yoga for Newcomers and students

Alsion Yoga Community organises weekly yoga sessions for newcomers and students, where participants can relieve stress, make new friends and reconnect their mind and body. The yoga sessions are free of charge, and anyone can join at any level. The instruction is all in English. The classes take place every Friday between 17:00-18:30 at Sønderskov-Hallen (2nd floor), B. S. Ingemanns Vej 1 in Sønderborg. If the weather is nice, the yoga sessions will take place outside. The event will be announced via the "Alsion Yoga Community" Facebook page.

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