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Discover the hidden gems of Lolland

Many internationals living in Denmark might be familiar with Lolland simply as the place you pass through to catch the ferry at Rødby to Puttgarden and on to all points in continental Europe. And while you can zoom through the region to catch your ship when needed, you shouldn’t skip this lovely island.

Photographs: Erin Gustafson

Text: Erin Gustafson

As the fourth largest island in Denmark, Lolland is a little bit country and not much rock and roll, but the rural landscape here offers a chance to slow down and explore the idyllic nature, lovely coastlines, charming harbour towns, stone-age history, and some seriously grand estates.

Locals call Lolland “pandkageøen,” or the pancake island as the terrain here is truly flat, making it perfect for cyclists. Paths traverse the island, some part of the larger Baltic Sea cycle route that rolls for 820 kilometres across the southern part of the entire country. Much of Lolland’s stretch of this N8 route puts you along the water with lakeside stops inland at the Maribo Nature preserve.

Farms knit like patchwork over the landscape, growing sugar beets and Danish cucumbers, and some of the country’s best apples. If you haven’t tasted Fejø apples yet, you’re in for a treat. Self-serve farm stands pop up often selling everything from flowers and gourds to potatoes and locally-made honey. Bring along some coins as modern MobilPay isn’t always an option for these honour system finds.

For those who prefer to take a tour by car, Lolland is easily reachable from Sjælland down the E47. Coming from Fyn or Jylland, you can pop on the tiny ferry from Langeland, south of Svendborg. Wondering what to do when here? Check out these hidden gems to help you plot out your course.

#1 Nysted Harbour

A classic Danish village complete with a charming little harbour, Nysted is a perfect stop to pause when in Lolland. Colourful half-timbered houses litter little lanes that take you right down to the water. In warmer months, you can find ice cream cones as big as your heart desires right at the harbour. Foodies may want to look into booking a table for dining week at Restaurant Ö serving creative locally sourced cuisine between February 8 to 15, 2020. Come summer, book a seal safari and take a tour of the surrounding nature preserve from the sea.

Restaurant Ö: Strandvejen 10, 4880 Nysted

#2 Krenkerup Brewery

Near Sakskobing, head to the impressive Krenkerup Estate, home to the same Danish family since 1367. And while you can’t tour the house, you can enjoy the grounds and taste the craft beer being created next door. Follow the sign to Bryggeriet, the Brewery to sample some of the local beer being served up here. Housed in the 300-year-old grain storage building, inside, you’ll find bottles to bring home and evidence of the popularity of the adjacent polo fields. On sunnier days, step outside to the half-timbered courtyard for tapas and snacks. Tours of the Brewery in English happen come summer. For more information about events and what’s pouring, check here:

Krenkerup Brewery: Krenkerupvej 33, 4990; Sakskøbing

#3 Dodekalitten Sculptures

A modern monolithic circle of sculptured stones by the sea, Dodekalitten is mesmerizing, if a bit bizarre. Each of the twelve pieces stands between 7-9 meters tall, weighing up to 45 tons. A work in progress, each carved face turns towards the centre of the 40-meter circle and invite you in. Take a seat on the sitting rocks and absorb the accompanying electronic music as it plays daily. Find the ferry to the little apple island of Fejø at Kragenæs close-by.

Dodekalitten: Kragenæsvej 62, 4943 Lolland

#4 Glentehøj Burial Mounds

Across the road from Dodekalitten, you can step back into the real Stone Age and inside a well-preserved burial mound dating from 3200 BC. Instantly visible along the landscape, follow the path and crawl inside to see the huge stones that hold up the large tomb. While not completely dark with natural light sources streaming into some sections, bring along your own flashlight if you plan to venture further within. Pack a picnic or pick up some farm-fresh fare on your way and enjoy at the tables available with views of the water.

Glentehøj: Glentehøjvej 1, 4943 Lolland Falster;

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