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A demonstration against power, coercion and cuts

Photograph: #enmillionstemmer FB Page

Text: Peter Schlager

*The original press release was issued on 14 May 2024

Today, we have issued a press release for the Undskyld vi er her (Sorry we are here) demonstration! We hope you will come and support the cause: that people with disabilities should receive the proper support in a country that calls itself a welfare state. Unfortunately, our government wants something different, and this requires a public outcry of support.

Nationwide protest planned for disability rights

People with disabilities have the right to a dignified and active life, but with the government's policies, we are heading in the wrong direction. Therefore, a large demonstration has been organised to speak out against this.

The disability community is under immense pressure, and there is no immediate sign that this will change with the government's latest measures. On Wednesday, 22 May 2024, from 17:00-19:00, Christiansborg Palace Square will be packed with people from across the country who will be demonstrating against the current treatment of people with disabilities and their families.

"As it stands, more and more young and adult individuals are being deprived of the opportunity to leave their homes and live a fulfilling life independently, while children with rejected school applications have to wait months and sometimes years for the right help. These are just a few examples of the consequences of budget cuts, which is why we are calling for a demonstration," explains Monica Lylloff, the founder of #enmillionstemmer and one of the organisers.

The solutions are clear

If municipalities had the framework to invest in people with disabilities and focus on prevention and proper assistance, they would most probably do this. The government states that people with disabilities should receive the right from the beginning but does not act accordingly in their follow through.

Common sense would indicate that the solutions to the problems in the disability sector are better working conditions for social workers, informed professional knowledge across the board, and investments in people.

"Instead of doing this, the government has entered into a framework agreement without the disability movements collaboration, with the premise of reducing expenses. This will lead to more cuts in the disability sector and further deterioration of living conditions for people with disabilities. This situation is more than unrealistic and untenable - that is why we want to send a message about it," says Caspar Eric, award-winning poet and part of the organising group.

Furthermore, the government has proposed a bill for increased use of power and coercion in residential facilities and nursing homes, despite criticism and warnings from all disability organisations and the Institute for Human Rights.

Broad support

Currently, more than 2000 people have expressed interest in participating in the demonstration on Facebook, while more than 50 organisations both within and outside the disability sector are supporting it, including Ældre Sagen, Danish Disability Organizations, and FOLA.

The big question is—what kind of life will people with disabilities have in Denmark in the future? If they can do this to the most vulnerable people in our community, what else is in the pipeline for further cuts in Denmark? That is why we ask not only the handicapped community but also the public to stand with us and support this demonstration.

The agenda includes contributions from Katinka, Emma Holten, Caspar Eric, Simon Toftgaard Jespersen, Silke Ena Svare, Anni Sørensen, and Mitzie Pitzner.

Contact details of the organisers:

For more details on how to join the demonstration, visit our Facebook page:

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