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10 fantastic experiences for children

There are things to do during the summer holidays in Denmark. Let's discover activities for families with kids from the North to the South.

Photographs: Experimentarium FB Page / Nordsøen Oceanarium FB Page

Text: Natália Šepitková

#1 Life beneath the surface

Nordsøen Oceanarium in Hirtshals (Northern Jutland)

One of the largest aquariums in Northern Europe uncovers fascinating secrets of the undersea world. Besides more than 8,000 fish and other marine animals, you can also see grey and harbour seals here. The unique gigantic Oceanarium fish tank with 4.5 million litres of seawater is where you can observe everything from the mysterious sunfish to elegant sharks, benthic weevers flatfish, and thousands of swarm fishes. Nordsøen Oceanarium took our breath away during our recent visit.

#2 Holiday park

Jesperhus Feriepark in Nykøbing Mors (Northern Jutland)

For a few days of relaxation and endless fun for the whole family, Jesperhus Feriepark is the place to be. This park offers a range of experiential accommodations, various games, an amusing park, a water park, shows, a 4-D cinema, a mini zoo, and numerous options for trips to the surrounding areas. We cannot wait to go there.

#3 All-day fun

Djurs Sommerland in Nimtofte (Mid-Jutland)

Djurs Sommerland is the TOP amusing park for us this summer. After a two-year break, we revisited it with the whole family and immediately bought a season card. The reason was apparent. We absolutely fell in love with Djurs Sommerland. And I should mention how you can eat well in the many restaurants and plenty of food kiosks.

#4 Living Danish history

Den Gamle By in Aarhus (Mid-Jutland)

Do you want to show your children the history of Denmark? Take them to the Danish open-air museum in Aarhus, which has received three Michelin stars. The museum takes you on a fascinating journey about a Danish city from the Viking Age to today. Den Gamle By was the first attraction I visited in Denmark, even before I settled in this country, and since then, I have returned there at least once a year.

#5 Land of LEGO

Legoland in Billund (Southern Jutland)

Legoland is a place of entertainment and many accompanying activities. In addition to the amusement park, visit LEGO House – the attraction showcasing the brand's colourful building sets & toys, plus interactive play areas. Further, the Lalandia entertainment centre, with a tropical water park, is very close to Legoland. By the way, you can eat well in Lalalandia. We usually stop there for lunch or dinner on the way from the airport in Billund.

#6 Exciting world of the Vikings and the Norse gods

Museet Ribes Vikinger in Ribe (Southern Jutland)

The Viking Museum does not only convey Ribe's history in the Viking Age and the Middle Ages, but it also offers two exciting rooms, especially for children. The first is an activities room that is all about the Middle Ages. The second encourages a closer look at Norse mythology. If you want to teach your children something more about ancient Danish history in a playful way, the museum in Ribe is the right place.

#7 Once upon a time…

H.C. Andersens Hus in Odense (Fyn)

Discover the fantasy world of the most famous storyteller of all time. Beauty merges with imagination at the museum, where world-class architecture and spaces bring nature indoors. Every aspect of H. C. Andersen's House has a story to tell. It has been on our list of places we have wanted to visit for a long time.

#8 A touch of the Renaissance

Egeskov Castle in Kværndrup (Fyn)

Egeskov Castle is one of the most beautiful Renaissance buildings in Northern Europe. In addition to history, it offers several exciting exhibitions and activities for the whole family. The castle is also famous for its park and unique garden, which has won several awards. Every Wednesday in July and Wednesday, August 7, you can experience an exceptional evening at the castle, open until ten.

#9 Science through play

Experimentarium in Hellerup (Sjælland)

In 2018, Time Magazine listed Experimentarium among the world's 100 greatest places, an experience worth travelling for. Fans of science will get their money's worth. You will learn a lot of new and exciting information about how the world around you works, and you will play and actively participate in experiments. I am just waiting for my daughter to start going to school so that she can benefit from the visit.

#10 Close to animals

Knuthenborg Safaripark in Maribo (Lolland)

Northern Europe's largest safari park allows you to get so close to the animals that you can pet many of them or observe them from a very close distance. The safari park also includes Limpopoland (Denmark's largest water and nature playground), the Dinosaurs Forest, and the Museum of Evolution (Denmark's first dinosaur museum). Moreover, right here, you can experience the wildest experience of this summer – waking up to the roaring of tigers, trumpeting elephants, or howling wolves. See you there this summer?

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