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Work, play or stay - the choice is yours at Zoku

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

Conveniently situated 18 minutes from the Central Station and 23 minutes from Copenhagen Airport by public transport, Zoku, the new home-office hybrid hotel in Amager, is just a few steps removed from the hustle and bustle of the city.

Text: Catherine Hefferan

Pictures: Zoku / Catherine Hefferan

The doors slide open to reveal clean white beams and green plants flanking both sides of the green house-glassed hallway. I've always believed plants help to give a house softness and a feeling of calm and cosiness. Walking past a swing (yes, a swing!) amongst the leafy greens, I feel my stress evaporate. The hallway opens up, and I'm greeted by a smiling Zoku employee who helps me check-in seamlessly.

The main room is open and inviting, a theme throughout Zoku's shared spaces. Around the bar, there are a variety of sectioned off sitting areas, using shelving and an eclectic assortment of items - books, plants, games, guitars, even a large glass jar filled with hard candies - to give privacy while still not feeling enclosed. Sidenote: All of these items are meant to be used, so pick up that chess set or strum that guitar!

The game room is a turquoise and grey wonderland for kids and adults alike. Large sofas flank the walls, which I'd be remiss to say are LEGO walls, with banks of pieces at hand right behind the sofas and video game consoles at the ready.

The "Everything Pantry" is available for late arrivals that need a snack or essentials to get them through the night. And then there's the ample event space, which can be rented as a whole or half, with each having its own kitchenette.


Serving remote workers and digital nomads since 2016, there are ample options to choose from. Co-working stations, private work lofts and workstation packages are available or join the WORKZOKU FAMILY membership, which gives you access to shared co-working spaces. This also means access to all of Zoku's locations: Amsterdam, Copenhagen and Vienna. Get to know other Zokus members at exclusive community dinners, live music nights, and other social events. In addition, there are desk alcoves, large multi-coloured booths and meeting rooms, all equipped with the essentials, a dash of fun accessories and great natural light.


I can see why Forbes calls Zoku "One of the 25 coolest hotels in the world". Gymnast rings are hanging from the centre of the room, hardwood floors, little written instructions throughout ("turn me on," says the pull cord in the bathroom) that pleasantly reminds me of Alice in Wonderland, and a huge floor-to-ceiling view of the city. The kitchen and dining table are perfect for eating or spreading out with your work. The lofted bed is super plush, and you can control the entire lighting system from under your covers!

After marvelling over my loft, I went up to the kitchen for a delicious dinner. Zoku has a limited menu but is always happy to accommodate dietary restrictions. The following day, brunch did not disappoint! I had eggs benedict, which was plate-scrapingly good.

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