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Welcoming all new internationals

As September ushers in the autumn season, Denmark opens its doors to embrace international workers and students seeking new opportunities, professional growth, and a high quality of life.

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Rikke Skak Harboe

With its blend of a progressive work environment, stunning landscapes, and a strong sense of community, Denmark offers a unique experience for international citizens during this vibrant month.

Student interests

Many thousands of young international students each year choose to study in Denmark, and September signifies the start of the academic year at Denmark's universities and educational institutions. The country's commitment to high-quality education and a strong emphasis on research and innovation make it an attractive destination for those seeking intellectual growth and cross-cultural experiences. The welcoming and open academic environment ensures that students from around the world feel at home while pursuing their studies. During September, you will often see many new students around the cities as many fun events are happening to introduce them to their new life as university students.

What to expect as an international worker

September marks a time of new beginnings in Denmark's professional landscape. Many companies begin their fiscal year this month, making it an optimal time for international workers to embark on their career journey in the country. Denmark is renowned for its inclusive and collaborative work culture. International workers expect a workplace that values diversity, encourages open communication, and fosters professional development. The Danish work environment strongly emphasises team collaboration, ensuring that newcomers are integrated seamlessly into their teams and have the opportunity to contribute meaningfully from day one.

If you do not have a job, many local job centres provide job search courses in English. In North Denmark, International House North Denmark provides valuable tips on upgrading your applications via job search courses or one-on-one sessions, and you can send us an e-mail to to learn more. One of our experts would happily consult you on your application process and how the Danish job market works.

Maybe you are also bringing a partner from a different country to Denmark, and they now need a job. Then, it might be ideal to sign up for our next Spouse Space event. You can sign up on this website:

For more information:

Connecting with other internationals

Broadening your network and connecting with other internationals can be a good idea for all the newcomers who have just moved to Denmark. International House North Denmark is arranging two annual events as part of Welcome September 2023, where international citizens can get connected and gain more information about living and working in Denmark.

Diversity Evening

Diversity Evening is happening at the Aalborg Zoo on September 7, 2023. Visitors can expect free entrance to the Zoo from 17:00 - 21:00 - registration is not required. This event is an excellent opportunity for internationals to forge connections and exchange insights. International citizens will get the chance to see 138 species across 33 habitats at Aalborg Zoo. Pachamama Band will hit the stage at this year's event and play world music. You can also buy food and beverages in the restaurant at the Zoo or bring your own food and grill it at the designated barbecue places.

Aalborg International Fair

New and residing international citizens can meet over 20 public authorities and volunteer organisations in the area at the Internationals' Fair North Denmark. Learn about educational options for your children, local athletic and social clubs, starting a business in Denmark, and work life in Denmark. The International Fair 2023 will be held on September 14, 2023, from 16:00-18:00 at Aalborg Main Library. It is free to attend this event.

The International Award 2023 will be awarded at the fair. Everyone had the chance to nominate a person or an organisation that does outstanding work for the international citizens in north Denmark.

Support for a good start in Denmark

If you are new in Denmark and are interested in knowing more about all the opportunities that life in North Denmark offers, International House North Denmark invites you to join Internationals' Fair North Denmark and Diversity Evening at Aalborg Zoo.

You can read more about the events and register for Internationals' Fair North Denmark 2023 at International House North Denmark's homepage at

International House North Denmark serves as a one-point entry for international citizens and provides help to North Denmark companies with international employees. You can visit us in person at Rantzausgade 4, 9000 Aalborg or follow us on our social media pages under International House North Denmark on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram.

For a complete list of Welcome September events, visit:

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