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Water is life

We live in a country surrounded by water and enjoy it in many different ways. Lasse from International House North Denmark shares his insights on this topic.

Photographs: Visit Copenhagen / International Water Association

Text: Lasse Frimand Jensen

Denmark is the only country in the world to pump all drinking water directly from protected reserves below the ground, delivering it cold and tasty to Denmark without any added chlorine. Using 100 percent groundwater also has the added advantage that the security of supply is less vulnerable to drought. However, drinking water requires high extraction protection from pesticides and chemicals.

Contrary to Denmark, many countries are experiencing pressure on their water supplies from their rivers and lakes due to climate change and pollution.

This fact makes Denmark one of the world's best water sectors, celebrated at The International Water Association's World Water Congress in Copenhagen this September.

"There are several harbour baths across Denmark, and Copenhagen is one of the only capitals worldwide where you can swim in the harbour."

Water is joy

Water is a scarce resource which is a critical part of life, being a decisive part of life or death, but at the same time a fun element of our life. At the World Water Congress, we celebrated the joy, and liveability water brings to our life by taking a dip in the harbour bath in Copenhagen. There are several harbour baths across Denmark, and Copenhagen is one of the only capitals worldwide where you can swim in the harbour.

Protection of water and handling of wastewater

These harbour baths around Denmark are possible because there are built-in rainwater reservoirs and reservoir conduits, which can store wastewater until there is space again in the sewage system. The harbour baths are also made possible by replacing the combined sewer systems with separate ones. By managing sewage and stormwater runoff in two separate systems, low-lying residents will avoid flooding their basements and ground floors during heavy rain. Separation also eliminates the risk of sewage polluting the environment. Instead, it will be transferred to the treatment plants via a closed system, while stormwater can be transferred to detention basins and watercourses.

International talents in the water sector

Participants at the IWA World Water Congress & Exhibition in Copenhagen saw Danish water technology solutions, including resource-saving systems and ways to harness wastewater for green energy and biogas. Some of the companies within the water sector depend on attracting the best talents from around the world. We at International House North Denmark are, as an example, assisting our company DESMI with international talents. DESMI provides pump solutions and clean-up systems globally and therefore needs to attract international competencies and expertise within their field. Companies like DESMI supply water and energy savings solutions, thereby contributing to liveability and health globally.

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