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War, what is it good for?

World War II in Europe ended 75 years ago this month. There are countless books and films inspired by that war and what might have been. Here are some of my favourites. Enjoy.


Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Moving, tense and human

The Aftermath

By Rhidian Brook

Hamburg in 1946 is devastated. Overseeing the rebuilding and the de-Nazification Colonel Morgan is requisitioned a house with his wife and only remaining son. Unusually he has decided that the original owners of the house can stay which brings enmity and solace.

Absolutely brilliant noir

March Violets

By Philip Kerr

Bernie Gunther is a former soldier and policeman in Berlin. Now, in 1936, he is a disillusioned, world-weary PI navigating in Nazi-Germany with the Olympics coming and a nasty case that will see him bumping into some very notorious people.

Quiet, subtle and powerful


By Owen Sheers

In 1944, Russia fell and a German counter-attack sees German troops on English soil. In a small Welsh town, the women wake up alone, as all the men have vanished into the resistance. What happens when you are forced to live with the enemy?

Complex, fast and intriguing


By Stuart Neville

Ireland in 1963 is preparing for President Kennedy’s visit when three Germans die within days of each other. The Minister of Justice is desperate to hide that they were all former Nazis granted asylum and tasks Ryan from Intelligence to find the murderer.

Did you know?

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