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Top tips for an active spring

It seems like just yesterday we signed contracts with ourselves to commit to a healthier and more active lifestyle in the form of resolutions - so, how’s it going?

Photographs: Visit Denmark - Destination NORD - Kjetil Løite / Visit Copenhagen - Thomas Rousing

Text: Alexandra Beck

Plans are great – but life gets busy, and suddenly winter turns into spring, and we are perhaps wondering how our resolutions turned into another to-do list on the fridge door. If that is the case, don’t beat yourself up about it! We all get busy, and it’s never too late to take action.

The Easter bunny is hopping around the corner and teasing us with all the chocolatey treats…but fear not, we have plenty of opportunities to stay or be active during the short break, so enjoy all the family lunches and treats, and if you feel that you need to move, check out these few tips that will get you up from that dining room chair.

Tip #1

Your local gym may have reduced opening hours, but most are open during Easter! So treat yourself to a personalised gym programme that you can perform in your own time at the gym or at home. It needn’t be more than 30 minutes for an effective workout, and who knows, it might be the start of a long-term relationship with the weight room.

Tip #2

Encourage your family to take some long walks together - as they say here in Denmark, there is no such thing as bad weather, only bad clothing! So dress the part and make the most of time together by getting outdoors, in the fresh air and spending quality time with your family. Discover a new beach, forest or nearby village - the steps will clock up faster than you can imagine!

Tip #3

Use your bicycle for leisure and not just as a means of transportation. The great thing about Denmark is that it’s a mostly flat country, so there are no excuses not to take that bike for an adventure! So saddle up and take some Easter leftovers for a picnic en route!

"Use your bicycle for leisure and not just as a means of transportation."

Tip #4

Look for special Easter events in your area - family egg hunts, indoor or outdoor dance and fitness classes. Many instructors love using short breaks to host events to satisfy activity seekers. Facebook and other social media are great resources for looking for cool nearby events.

Tip #5

Grab that friend/family member you have been talking to about your fitness goals and get them to join you in a new activity together. Doing something fun with someone who supports your desire to be more active is one of the most effective ways to get off the couch and put in that little effort. Plus, it may be a chance to get some space away from a lot of easter chaos!

Tip #6

If the weather isn't leaning towards outdoorsy movement, you can try some of the fabulous online workouts that your gym may offer, or you can try to search for some highly rated Youtube exercise channels that are easily accessible from home. In addition, many family-friendly options can help involve the kiddies if they are keen on having some living room fun!

No matter what, remember this: life will almost always be busy, too busy. But it is solely up to us to make the time for the things that matter. If you strongly wish to be more active, this will only happen if you consistently dedicate time to activities. Prioritising your physical health regardless of the time of year will create sustainable habits for life and help you stay strong, happy and healthy, not for summer or a special occasion, but for a longer lifetime of independence!

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