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Top 5 holiday destinations

Are you planning to have a holiday in Denmark? These are my must-visit places in North Jutland.

Photograph: Natália Šepitková

Text: Natália Šepitková

North Jutland is an island separated from mainland Denmark by the Limfjord. This part of Denmark has the smallest population and will surprise you with wild and wonderful nature. If you love Danish beaches, lighthouses and picturesque fishing villages, you must come to North Jutland.

Top of Denmark

The northernmost point of Denmark is Grenen, a unique natural phenomenon where two seas of Skagerrak and Kattegat meet together, and waves merge and break over. This place is visited by many tourists worldwide every year, especially during the summer season. The landscape around Grenen is also remarkable. Here you can get very close to the seals sunbathing on the beach and observe many bird species. If you visit this part of Denmark, don't forget to go also to the Danish desert Råbjerg Mile, which will take your breath away. I recommend having lunch or just a cup of coffee in the small town of Skagen. There is not much activity in the town, but you could take a walk or sit in a restaurant - you will love the town for its laid-back atmosphere and picturesque yellow houses.

The North West Coast

The Danish summer is usually short and not so warm, but if you want to enjoy beach vibes, go to the North West Cast. Blokhus and Løkken are our favourite summer destinations in North Jutland. The vast beaches, which can be reached by car, are perfect for holiday relaxation and active summer days. In addition, both towns have the right holiday feeling. If you get bored of sunbathing and swimming, take a trip to Rubjerg Knude, one of the most photogenic and, for me, the most beautiful lighthouses in Denmark or enjoy the amusement park Fårup Sommerland. They both are close to each other, and they are located between the Blokhus and Løkken.

"The Danish summer is usually short and not so warm, but if you want to enjoy beach vibes, go to the North West Cast. Blokhus and Løkken are our favourite summer destinations in North Jutland. "


North Jutland's metropolis and the fourth largest city in Denmark, offer many opportunities to spend an exciting time there. Except for wandering around the city, where you can find a fantastic mural street art, a wonderful waterfront and the well-known disco and pub street Jomfru Ane Gade, you can explore Danish history in the engaging Viking museum Lindholm Høje. If you are interested in Danish design, you must see Utzon Center, where you can find exhibitions for all adults and children. There is also the Museum of Modern Art, Denmark's largest museum for modern art, with an extensive collection of contemporary art and a particular focus on experimental art. We also love spending time in Aalborg Zoo and Vestre Fjordpark, where you can swim in a natural open-air swimming pool during summer.

Thy National Park

Massive dune formations, clear lakes, places for camping and many paths for hiking, biking and riding. Thy National Park - Denmark's wilderness covers 55 km of the north-western coastline of Denmark by the North Sea, and the entire area is 244 square kilometres. It is spread between Hanstholm in the north, where Denmark's largest fishing port is located, and Agger, with broad white sandy beaches in the southern part. If you want something more romantic in this area, the fishing village Stenbjerg is a good choice. One of the gems of Thy National Park is also the lighthouse Lodbjerg which stands alone in the middle of the large heath. It is located between Agger and Stenbjerg. And finally, don't miss Klitmøller, also known as Cold Hawaii – a surfer's paradise that has fantastic windsurfing and surfing conditions, shops with surf equipment, Nystrup Camping with special housing facilities for surfers, and delightful dining options ranging from grilled food, pancakes, pizza or a gourmet restaurant.

Læsø island

Just ninety minutes by ferry from Frederikshavn, you are on a perfectly relaxed and quiet island where you can forget everyday life. Læsø has the highest number of hours of sunshine in Denmark, and with a combination of unspoiled scenery is the right place for a holiday. The island became famous for two things – iconic seaweed roofs and salt produced by ancient recipes. People also come to Læsø for gastronomy. Fresh fish, langoustines and other seafood can bring you a genuine culinary experience. Enjoy a coastline of almost 100 km, play golf overlooking the sea, hike, cycle or ride a horse, or have a self-care day in a wellness resort.

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