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The year of the mom bod

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

Many have said, 'Mothers are the closest concept that we will ever come to magic'...a walking miracle on Earth. Motherhood can be earned through various ways, whether adoption, surrogacy, bonus, or surviving (what feels like a forever) pregnancy. However, the toll and aftermath of pregnancy and motherhood on one's identity can be challenging to reclaim.

As a mother, I have also gone through the journey of "Who is this person looking back at me in the mirror?!" Waking up in the morning to boobs that I didn't recall drooped and a stomach that grinned at me before I rubbed the sleep away from my eyes. "Okay…now this is reading like a scary movie…but I promise you…it is far from it."

In true Pisces nature, I wanted to highlight some of the fashion-savvy mamas…that I have come to know. These women fill my timeline with unapologetic style while juggling an overfilled plate. Motherhood consists of many experiences…and one major part is rediscovering oneself.

"Rock those stretch marks…embrace those curves…and let the girls hang…because it truly is a one-of-a-kind outfit." - Vanessa

#1 The hippie mama

At 53 years young, Eva Fox is an eclectic free spirit's daydream. With an impressive background in beatnik fashion and a mother to 3…Eva has mastered the layering life. Of course, we crossed textile paths within the KanthaBae community and have never looked back. It's actually quite eerie (in a good way) how we are always on the same styling vibrations. It's almost as though we share the same virtual closet.

#2 The mother glow

Brandie Ohara is a soul I have had the pleasure of knowing since our 'younger' college days at UCONN (Go Huskies). She's always embodied beauty, brains, and fresh fashion. Along with her social work for children…Brandie is a trained MUA (makeup artist) with an unmatched glow. So if you are looking for some 'clean girl' (well, mom would be more accurate) outfit inspiration… she's the one.

#3 The beach mum

"I know it's bad practice to point out your puns…but I hope you all saw the magic in my sub-title above." So, as I conclude by laughing at my joke, let's talk about Kimberly. At 61 years old, Kimmy (a nickname she welcomes) owns the beach-inspired clothing boutique 'Beachology'. Hailing out of Canada, her curated shop features pieces that exude a summer breeze and sand between your toes. Turning 50, she took the creative jump as a single mother and opened her own store. "The hardest first 3 years of my life…but I never gave up!" she candidly shares. Noah, her son, is her biggest motivation and is a star in his own right.

#4 The sustainable mom

"Less is always more" and "simplicity is timeless" are two quotes that come to mind when thinking about Hosannah Jønsson. A mom to 4 with a newborn, Hosannah finds the time to thrift and upcycle her creations. Her feed plays out like your favourite Sade song on repeat, and you leave feeling…in a sense...lighter. I am in awe of how considerate she is with the Earth and being intentional with every post. If breathing new life into fabrics you already have is your thing…then make sure to click on her name.

#5 The chic ma

Selestian Patterson's 'chic' style is literally in her actual name… 'Sheek'. If that wasn't enough predestination for you…she also happens to be the online shop owner of Sheek Vintage. Of course, proving that age is just a number - at 40 years old, a real estate professional, and a mother to one…Selestian can be found rocking the latest aesthetics. I have staples in my closet that have been curated by her, and I am eternally grateful for her styling vision.

#6 The mommy and me

This next mama is a whole mood board inspiration. While many moms struggle with dressing up their kids and finding a matching pair of socks for themselves…Nora Moerch does both effortlessly. She is a mother to 2 children and an accomplished lifestyle photographer. At 32 years old, her style encompasses her Danish roots and modern bohemia. So if you're up to the challenge of finding an outfit for 3…you have to check her out.

Celebrating mothers

I know my wordy textile diaries are usually filled with the latest trends that end in 'core'. However, I felt it was important to shine a light on real-life mamas…that are doing the damn thang. Motherhood is by far my greatest ensemble yet in all its unpredictable glory.

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