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The Spring plan

Checking in with new year resolutions!

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Ophelia Wu

At the beginning of the year, I wrote about the art of not giving a f*ck as a new year's resolution. The meaning behind this was to forget about resolutions and just be you, trust the process and go with the flow. So, as we approach Spring, how is that going?

It's usually said that Spring is a perfect time to plan as everything returns to life from a long Winter hibernation. The energy feels livelier, slowly picking up speed again. Indeed, the longer days inject a boost of freshness and motivation for taking action, renewing, and finally making that change or kickstarting something you've always wanted to do. It just feels right.

Checking in

Three months into the new year, checking in with yourself regularly is healthy. Checking in with yourself can be a simple stock take. Pause a little and look at how the year has been so far. Gain an idea of whether you align with what you want and where you want to be. Have there been more positives than negatives? More wins and celebrations? If the answer is yes, I consider that as being on the right track. When you feel more positive, you see the world differently, and the chances of manifesting positive things increase. I found gaining an overview of time spent very practical and valuable. If there had been a goal set, has it progressed, and is it heading in the direction I want? All of these assessments serve as self-regulation tools.

"In every aspect of life, it's always easier to manage when we break down big tasks into mini bite-size chunks – the same goes for goals and plans."

Keep the vision, review and pivot

Not having a resolution doesn't mean not having a vision or a goal of where we want to go. It just means letting go of control, surrendering, and trusting life's ebbs and flows. With that in mind, checking in with ourselves keeps us on track. The mini-review will become a blueprint for staying focused towards the direction we are heading while allowing room and space to pivot.

One of the reasons why resolutions don't work is the pressure of the year-long commitment. In every aspect of life, it's always easier to manage when we break down big tasks into mini bite-size chunks – the same goes for goals and plans. So if you want or need a plan, or a resolution, instead of promising for a year, make it a monthly or even weekly plan. In that case, it feels way easier to manage and more practical. In addition, when you've achieved it, it boosts your morale to keep the momentum going.

Instant mood booster

Life is not always smooth sailing. While there are no quick fixes to change any circumstances, we find ourselves in, changing how you feel and see can be pivotal, and there's a little instant mood booster that I always find helpful – tidying a small part of the flat and decluttering. Believe it or not, it works EVERY TIME. In many new-age schools, feng shui or doing a Marie-Kondo, tidying just a little cabinet, rearranging things, and ruthlessly throwing unnecessary items away while taking stock is therapeutic. Instantly afterwards, you feel the flow of energy and a shift in the mood, a little unstuck, gaining clarity. It symbolises a stagnant or stuck spot, and as soon as you remove something, it clears out space for something new or just space to breathe.

The plan is to promise ourselves to look after our mind, body and soul and let go of control. Just enjoy the ride while keeping the vision.

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