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The importance of having a spiritual belief/anchor.

Photographs: Pexels

Text: Ophelia Wu

I'm not sure about you, but lately, I've heard many of my friends, myself included, going through some changes. Some may say it's part of life. Yes, life is all about experiences and learning to grow from them. Everyone has a different resilience, so it's tough to comment on how life changes hit anyone. I used to think it all comes down to how strong someone is when they deal with life changes or any setbacks, but as I grew up and became more spiritual, I now believe that it is essential to have an anchor, a belief of some sort, because sometimes in life, no matter how strong and tough you are, you are just helpless and life reminds you that you are a human being after all, you can only hang onto that faith and anchor yourself.

Spiritual vs religion

I like to see that spirituality and religion are positive life teachings, an umbrella term for us to learn how to humble ourselves in front of nature and life. Many are very spiritual without any religious beliefs, and vice versa. I never understood why specific communities are so devoted and religious, but as life has shown me how powerless one can be, how do you go on without destroying yourself? You seek comfort and guidance, you seek support, you want to know answers and the future. As a normal human being, these are all natural things we tend to do when shit hits the fan.

I respect all religions and spiritual practices, as I believe the ultimate intention is to guide us to look inward and learn how to be a good person, living an honest life with integrity and kindness. To me, they are ancient words of wisdom and life teachings. However, there is a fine line between superstition and anchoring yourself onto a faith or a belief. Being superstitious is blindly following something without knowing or understanding why, yet having a belief is a proper understanding of all the teachings and rationale behind it, and it makes sense to you where you can apply it in your life to improve it.

"I like to see that spirituality and religion are positive life teachings, an umbrella term for us to learn how to humble ourselves in front of nature and life."

The importance of finding an anchor

Why do we need an anchor? What even is an anchor? To me, an anchor is a safe haven, a safe harbour that you know will be protected and reclaiming the sense of peace whenever needed. I believe there is a higher power above us all. Whatever it's called, it protects and guides you in times of need - all you have to do is listen. But amid chaos, mayhem, upheavals, and a storm, you can easily be dragged into all directions without realising it. Having that anchor is crucial because it is almost like an invisible bubble that protects you from the outer world, strength and force that keeps you in place while you calm down and figure out the next step. It's like a seatbelt while you're on a roller-coaster. Why is it important? Because there are so many times in life when things go wrong or not as planned, the despair, the fear of uncertainties and anxiety can easily consume you, and there is nothing much you can do to change the situation. All you can do is hold onto the faith and belief that something better is coming, things will work out, and you will be okay again. The anchor, if it's a religious belief, is even more critical during these times because it will give you the guidance and calmness you need, the peace you crave and the comfort you seek. I've heard many times from my devoted religious friends saying, 'Let go and let God'- it is a very trusting and liberating act of surrendering. We fight against life and resist letting go because we're so afraid things will be uncontrollable, but it is precisely this holding onto what's not working and our persistence in trying to control the outcome that makes us feel even worse. That 'let God' ( or Universe or whatever you call it) part is the anchor - a safe place, a knowing that will give you the support and strength to get through it.

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