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The Great Danish Staycation

Whether you decide to explore Denmark, or simply stay at home. Not being able to travel safely shouldn't put a damper on your plans. Let's hope the weather gods give us a good summer...

Photographs: iStock

Text: Lyndsay Jensen

What is a staycation? I had to look it up. A staycation, according to the dictionary, is a holiday or vacation spent in one's home country rather than abroad or overseas. Or it can be one spent at home and involving day trips to local attractions. A staycation is a form of alternative tourism that is entirely in line with the slow tourism trend due to Covid-19. Slow tourism invites you to live in the present moment. It encourages you to take your time, discover nearby landscapes, reconnect and spend more time outdoors in nature with the people you enjoy (safely).

Kick back and relax

Think about "self-care," "me-time", "us-time", stretching yourself, trying new things and doing more of the things you love.

Here are some great staycation tips to get you started:

• Don't focus on chores and jobs that need doing. Take time out to rest, enjoy and


• There are new things all around you, you just need to look. New things could be in a

good book, on YouTube, in your garden. Maybe that museum or historic site or

countryside you haven't visited yet.

• Cook or order a take-away. It depends on what you enjoy most. Recreate favourite

dishes from your travels. Cook some real comfort foods

• How about a sport or activity-based staycation? Did you ever ride a horse, go zip-lining

or drive a quad bike? Maybe there are opportunities like these close to home that you

haven't tried yet.

• Relaxing outside by candlelight. If there’s nothing on your evening agenda but zoning

out to good music and enjoying good company, plan a date. Set out dozens of

tealights, or line the edge of the patio/balcony with large candles on plates. Play your

favourite songs, or simply enjoy the natural sounds of a summer evening (if you're in the

country), sounds even sweeter when your senses are more attuned to them.

• Take a camping trip in your own backyard. Borrow or buy a tent. Pack drinks and snacks

in Ziploc bags. Bring sleeping bags or blankets, flashlights, and mosquito repellent or

citronella candles. Arm yourself with enough ghost stories to keep little ones up way

past their bedtimes. Go ahead it's summer, you aren't on a schedule!

• Declare a water-game day! Buy or borrow a kiddie pool, unravel the hose, and

commandeer as many spray bottles, buckets, tubs, and water pistols as possible.

Declare a compulsory all-day uniform of swimsuit and bare feet (and, of course,

sunscreen). All you have to do is provide the props and initial ideas for games. The kids

will eventually take over with their own creativity.

• Support local! We have highlighted only a handful of events around Denmark

(Pages 3-9). There are many websites with great ideas of places to go in Denmark for

example: and for more localised events:

Enjoy your summer staycation, and please where possible, avoid crowded places. Sadly, Covid-19 is still a real threat, and we have a responsibility to each other to take care that it doesn't return full force. Our team of SoMe Ambassadors are out and about this summer. So, remember to follow us on our social media channels for events, happenings and fun in this beautiful country.

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