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The Fashion Love Language

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

Valentine's day is fast approaching with the yearly visit from our favourite vigilante cherub. Even though Cupid takes the laws of attraction into his own hands, the question of… "What should I wear?"...still remains. "Did you know that you could wear your lingerie beyond the notorious Love Day?... Out in public!?" I am here to share creative ways to infuse your bedroom talk into city-style screams. So…get comfy, and let's talk about how to transition from your sheets to the streets.

#1 Sheer mesh and the naked dress

2023 is the year of giving 'bawdy' (formally known as body)...where we display our most intimate biologies in a sultry fashion. Mesh is a delicate pop to any outfit, whether structured as a shirt, pants, or dress. Mesh is a universal textile that can add the right amount of spice to your everyday life. The 'Naked Dress' definition is given away in its name…a dress that is giving the bare minimum…literally. So feel free to throw a barely there dress over your favourite pair of mom jeans… let's call it 'well balanced'.

#2 Push it real good

Let's calculate…it takes some time (for the less experienced) to one-handedly put on a corset. It takes even less time to remove it on that special night…resulting in a very short ensemble life. I am here to help extend that corset slay moment. Corsets (or bustiers if you're feeling fancy) are the perfect elevation to any outfit. Donning a structured corset over your button-down or nostalgic band tee is the chef's kiss. Bras can be rocked similarly, especially under a tailored suit. This is your sign to go ahead and have that hourglass moment… "it's 3am somewhere, right?"

#3 Caught slipping

Sometimes, the words…slip dress…can evoke childhood memories of grandmothers saying goodnight before bed…but honey, times have changed. Slip dresses are out and about and here to SLAY. Whether the fabric is satin, silk, or cotton…these are deemed transformative pieces. Layering a slip dress over jeans/trousers and a t-shirt automatically screams 90's grunge (don't forget you're worn in biker boots). Giving you permission to rummage through your grannies' old things…and get caught slipping.

#4 The boyfriend briefs

It's no secret that a woman's favourite comfort clothes…most likely have been 'borrowed' (permanently) from her partner. If my husband reads this article, I will amend my opening statement to… 'alleged secret'. However, I am still here to relay some laundry day favourites to be on alert for. The boxer brief is such a simple cloth impression, but 2023 will be the year of 'just out of bed moments'. Yep, you can rock a simple boxer briefs, similar to biker shorts and be on your way. Extra points if you are to wear briefs with the outer stitchings visible. Since the Danish weather can be unforgiving, I will wait to test this heist in warmer weather.

#5 Kinks

If you couldn't tell by now…this is a judgement-free zone, especially in the name of fashion. Some bedroom attires are more restrictive (I think in a good way), but that doesn't mean you cannot incorporate them into your outer styling life. Latex, harnesses, and underwire cage pieces are the badassery we need to indulge in. A simple leather harness can change the entire outfit's direction and statement. The exposed metal wiring for a fashioned corset or hoop under the skirt can be worn to add a bit of excitement. "Pull up those thigh-high latex boots and grab a cup of coffee".

What is your fashion love language?

If you have made it this far…inquiring minds need to know! "Will you be a lady in the sheets only?...Or have I convinced you to also be a lady in the streets?!" Either way, lingerie is supposed to make you feel beautiful in an empowering sense. So whether you keep the lace between you and your loved one…or grace the world with your style…I am here for it. Happy love month!

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