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Summertime and the living is easy

At no other time do people read crime fiction like the holiday season. Inspiration for the time spent with your spouse or extended family, perhaps? These titles are great at any time, so enjoy!

Photograph: iStock

Text: Susan Jessen Spiele

Tense, nuanced and authentic


By Jane Harper

Kieran left his small hometown on the coast of Tasmania 12 years ago, after the death of his brother and a friend. Now he is back with his wife and newborn daughter, but some people still hold him responsible and then somebody else dies.

Beautiful, layered and atmospheric

The Searcher

By Tana French

Former cop Cal moved from Chicago to rural Ireland after becoming disaffected with the job. Renovating an old house, he slowly gets to know the locals, including a feral youth. But Trey has an ulterior motive, making Cal search for a missing brother.

Funny, original and engaging


By Belinda Bauer

75-year-old widower Felix Pink has led a boring and predictable life until he becomes an Exiteer, a person who assists with suicide. Then his new young partner helps the wrong person die, and he is suddenly actively involved in a murder investigation.

Insightful, quiet and poignant

The Long Call

By Ann Cleeves

Detective Matthew Venn is back in North Devon, where he left as a young man when he broke with a fundamental community. Now a murder case with ties to both his husband’s work and his old community puts his new life at risk.

Did you know?

Books are the most brilliant invention, but paper books and suitcases are not a perfect match. If you are travelling this summer, you might want to give a go. If you are registered as a user at your local library (show up with your yellow health card or passport), you have free access to English e- and audiobooks online!

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