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Step out of your comfort zone

From high performing corporate employee at Vestas to Coaching and Healing Practitioner: Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz shares how it feels to step outside her comfort zone.

Photographs: Judy Wanjiku Jøregensen

Text: Judy Wanjiku Jøregensen

Polish-born Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz home office sits on a particularly Danish suburb, close enough to IKEA and far from the hustle and bustle of Aarhus city, in a juxtaposition of nature and islands of steel. Once buzzed in, a visitor is greeted by the Feng Shui in Marta’s office. The massive light from the window balances on teal coloured walls creating a sense of serenity; the same feeling you’d get from staring at the ocean or clear blue skies. The aroma of lavender incenses the air.

Her home office is a world away from her previous role as a business process specialist at Vestas, one of Denmark’s largest wind turbine manufacturers. Where she hung up the perky routines of a 10-year corporate career for the brave world of entrepreneurship. In this interview, Marta reflects on the pain of growth and dealing with fear.

How do you practice stepping out of the comfort zone of fear? A big part of my work with clients is precisely on overcoming inner-limitations. Every time I am in a position of experiencing a lot of fear, nervousness, self-doubt I approach it with loads of curiosity and observe my own reaction before, during and after, so that I can perfect my coaching and transformational tools and be in a better position to help others. For instance, I find it puzzling, how objectively simple things like talking about yourself and your business publicly, can cause such a strong physical reaction. However, I believe such a visceral reaction is the first step in overcoming your limitations; by awakening your sense of self-awareness and approaching the process with empathy and less judgment.

"A big part of my work with clients is precisely on overcoming inner-limitations." - Marta Rodriguez-Karpowicz"

Tell us of a time you felt fear but did it anyway I frequently speak in public, and usually, I enjoy it, but for the last 10 years there has been one big exception from that rule; speaking in Danish. Speaking in Danish has been a painful experience. I had conditioned myself to believe that I sound awful and that I can’t express myself, so I avoided it.

I recently had a conscious healing session on that topic, which helped me identify the root cause of me feeling so bad about speaking Danish. I equipped myself with both awareness and tools to change those limiting beliefs, which have not only been stopping me from a joyful process of acquiring a new language but also filling me with dread.

I joined a workshop for entrepreneurs where I was the only non-Dane. When the time came to speak about myself and Transformational Coaching practice, I was filled with dread.

And yet this time, instead of switching to English or apologizing for what I had convinced myself was an amateur level Danish skill, I plucked up the courage and dove into the language. I invoked the tools I give my clients through Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). By gathering the courage to speak Danish in public, I was working through my own limiting beliefs and fears, while building my confidence and courage. Such is the work I do for my clients; coaching, motivating and helping them overcome their inner-limitations and turn those negative beliefs into empowering beliefs. What have you discovered on the other side of the comfort zone? I must admit that yes, overcoming fear, nervousness and self-doubt were quite painful. Fear often created strong visceral reactions in my body. However, as a result of connecting self-compassion with practical NLP and conscious healing tools, I now feel energized. Not only have I stepped into a greater sense of freedom in my personal and professional life, but I also feel empowered, aligned, and peaceful. I am living a whole new chapter of my life, and helping others do the same.

Writer’s note: I have had several healing sessions with Marta. Her approach is compassionate and professional. Marta can be reached on

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