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Spring into fitness: renew your fitness goals

It’s no secret that taking action on any set goal is the most challenging part - so well done for smashing your resol-actions so far.

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Alexandra Beck

You have been carving out time to exercise, cook balanced meals and embrace the NEAT (non-exercise activity thermogenesis, which is the energy we use to do anything that is not sleeping, eating or sports-like exercise).

As the days get lighter and the mood seems to be following the weather, it’s also quite normal to feel some fitness motivation taking a slight dip, so it’s the right time to revisit your fitness goals to stay on track.

After all, you have not come this far only to come this far, right?

So here are a few tips for you, just in case your motivation decides to take a spring break.

1. Don’t keep your fitness goals a secret!

Tell your friends, family, and co-workers what you want to accomplish. Stating your goal(s) out loud so that other people know about your plans can help keep you from straying - and who knows who you may inspire to take action towards their goals.

2. Write your goals down

This will help you stay more accountable to yourself. Next, revisit this process every few months to assess your progress. If you have not been successful, ask yourself why. Then develop new goals based on what you learned.

3. Keep track of your workouts

Try scheduling them into your weekly calendar, track them online or post an exercise calendar on your fridge. Put a mark on the days you work out as a visual reminder of how many times you have exercised. If you are a gym go-er, some clubs have apps that track your check-ins, which is a great way to keep a close eye on your commitment.

4. If you can, choose an activity you really enjoy

If you have been exercising consistently to reach your goals but have been doing something you would rather not be doing… well, skipping that said activity will become much more tempting on days when motivation is lacking. Find something fun, something you want to do rather than have to do, and I promise that it will no longer feel like a chore!

"With lighter days and increased exposure to sunshine comes the opportunity to simply get outdoors."

5. Experiment!

Try different exercise options as you get fitter. If you hate group fitness now, try it again in a few months. Often we dislike activities we feel we are not good at. For example, my lack of coordination prevented me from attending group classes for years, and now I’m instructing them!

6. It’s easier to continue once you start

By now, you have experienced it for yourself: exercising becomes easier once you have established a habit. But the best part is when you reach the point where you no longer question whether or not to work out. And, when you exercise regularly, you develop a kinaesthetic memory of how great you will feel post-workout, and that’s the best motivation you can get!

7. Get outside!

With lighter days and increased exposure to sunshine comes the opportunity to simply get outdoors. You may have enjoyed your local gym during the colder months, but switching up the routine may light up your energy levels and desire to move more. A lunch stroll or meeting for a walk and talk over the weekend is a great way to mix movement into the new season. There are also many outdoor exercise opportunities alone or in teams, so give yourself some time to research something new and fun that may become your new healthy addiction!

Lastly, do not forget to give yourself a high-five for taking action this year, regardless of whether your goals have been met or still have some way to go. Small steps are always better than no steps, and you should feel proud of having set out to improve your well-being!

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