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Spring clean inside out

After a long gloomy winter, Spring has slowly taken over (at least for now). As trees and flowers start to bloom again, so should our mind, body, soul, and surroundings - We show you how!

Photographs: Unsplash

Text: Ophelia Wu

To truly nourish and allow space to blossom, we must first declutter. Out with the old, in with the new. There are a few things I find therapeutic and refreshing to do every now and then that might help. But first, thank yourself for all the things you’ve been through. It hasn’t been easy, and you’ve made it this far.

We often forget how much our body has supported us through thick and thin. Every organ and cell of our body stores memories, pain and experiences we go through. As Spring arrives, it’s time to nourish our body because if we want to go further in life with strength, this is where we fuel ourselves. But how to declutter our bodies? I’m not suggesting any fad diets or juice cleanse. Instead, look at diet, food intake, daily things, and resting patterns. I find journaling very useful in keeping track of my daily intake of things I consume, perhaps unconsciously. Once there is a bigger picture, we can better plan what nourishing food and activities we can integrate into our daily routine while taking out the less healthy options (i.e., overconsumption of alcohol, late nights, fast food etc.). Listen to your body - it will tell you what it wants and what to do.


Our mind is perhaps the busiest place in our world- we don’t realise how much we talk to ourselves and overuse it every day, bombarded with tons of information. This is where ideas grow, and things get planned and manifested, yet this is where all the limiting beliefs and self-criticism happen most. Decluttering our mind is truly easier said than done because it takes a commitment to ourselves to make time and practice, to put in the effort to calm it down and filter out all the noise that’s restlessly running in our minds. Putting pen to paper is a great way to get ideas and thoughts off our busy minds. Meditation is a perfect place to tap into. Everyone has a different preference, and there are no set rules. Some find deep breathing useful; some enjoy walking meditation; some enjoy sitting still. Once you’ve entered the state of stillness, you become so aware of all your thoughts that one thought then creates a ripple.

But to start with, we simply just need to slow down through deep breathing and relaxation and just allow all thoughts and sounds to come and go as they are without judgement. Allowing some quiet time and digital detox every day to switch off all the distractions is also a good place to begin. Simply be aware of the surrounding, and just be. As we filter out unnecessary information every day, we become more aware of what is relevant to us. We gain more clarity only to absorb the nourishing food for the mind. Then, perhaps you will find the headspace to pick up the habit of reading again.


Nourishing our soul is very important and powerful as it determines how we feel and choose every decision. Our soul is where our intuition lies - it’s where we find all the answers and all the tools we need to build an authentic life. It might take a while to get from where we are to where we want to be, but it is ok because life is a journey. To declutter our soul, we need to heal past trauma, pain, and experiences holding us back. It is not an easy task but a very liberating one once you’ve overcome it, even though it is not something that can be achieved overnight. A perfect place to start is our social circle. Social detox is not only healthy but necessary, and it is not ruthless or selfish. We need to prioritise ourselves. Are there any people or relationships in your circle that have drained your energy level? Do they not reciprocate your effort and love? Is there any emotional blackmailing, guilt-tripping, gaslighting, or just toxic behaviour you unwillingly tolerated for a while? If yes, those need to be let go of and decluttered. Don’t underestimate the number of soul-crushing experiences in our social life. Keeping a healthy circle around you will nourish your soul and offer mutual support, love, and compassion that helps each other grow and move on to a better place.

Our surrounding

Our surrounding is the easiest and quickest way to start with the Spring clean and decluttering. Simply go through your wardrobe, screen out everything you have not worn and used for the past year or doesn’t fit, and spark your interest in using it again. Donate them to charity, bring them to recycling or sell them to give a second life - these are all easy ways to start. As you reorganise your wardrobe with the things you’ve filtered down, you automatically feel there’s a new wardrobe waiting for you to express in. Cleaning your place and throwing out old and broken stuff can be one of the most therapeutic chores in Feng Shui that allow the flow of qi (air). Once you remove the stagnant spots, you clear up spaces for more flow, bringing in more fresh energy and abundance. Whether you believe in this, it’s just nice to have a clean and tidy space, isn’t it?

Perhaps by now, if you’ve done all the above, you’re probably ready to conquer the world and take it by storm. But, even if you have just done one thing, it’s ok because this is a journey, a lifestyle we can grow into and slowly watch our life progress and good things unfold in front of our eyes. Happy Spring Clean!

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