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Skin minimalism is all you need for May

It brings me a lot of joy to introduce you all to this trend for our May issue. The less is more concept is all that is needed for skin minimalism. For the past 20 years, heavy, thick and contoured makeup looks have been at the forefront of almost all trends and looks for beauty.

Photographs: Various

Text: Barbara Mensah

It's now time for simple, dewy, light looks that allow your natural skin texture to shine through. Foundations, powders and concealers should match your skin tone perfectly. This is undoubtedly the trend our skins have been waiting for.

1. Giorgio Armani - Luminous Silk Foundation

2. Charlotte Tilbury - Mini Airbrush Flawless Finish Setting Powder

Sephora - DK

The same concept of minimalism is happening in skincare products. Instead of using several products on your skin as a routine, opt for easy, short and effective products that still have quality and effective results.

1. Bare Minerals - Complexion Rescue Defense

2. Bobbi Brown -Vitamin Enriched Face Base

3. Body Shop - Camomile Cleansing Butter

Body Shop - DK

4. Elemis Superfood Facial Oil

The aim and reason behind this trend have obviously been because of the pandemic, which has given people a chance to self reflect and to really look skin deep within themselves. Mostly realising that we no longer have to hide our imperfections or freckles, or even an uneven skin. What's not to love about this skin minimalism.

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