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Oh, hello, resol-actions!

Now that the new year has hit, you most likely have had time to lay out your list of resolutions for 2023. Our fitness guru, Alex, looks at your fitness resolutions.

Photographs: Unsplash / Alexandra Beck

Text: Alexandra Beck

First and foremost, happy new year, and I hope you have had the hyggliest holidays with your loved ones! But then, I encourage you to take a step back and think about 2022.

Look back, praise all the great moments you have had, and think about a few critical successes that genuinely made a difference in your past year - whether it be career development, personal change, athletic performance, overall fitness or anything that made you particularly proud.

Now think about what drove them to their successful outcome. I am willing to bet that all of them result from your very determined actions! Let's face it, without you having taken specific actions, there would have been little to no chance of achieving the goals you set out to reach.

Sometimes we forget about what it takes to make our resolutions a reality, so this year, why don't we take a step to write down our "resol-actions" instead of our resolutions as a meaningful way to really stick to our goals? But we all know that taking the wheel of action is easier said than done.

Here are a few tips on how to make your goals seem more attainable:

1. Know the long-term goal

Often, we come up with extremely vague New Year's resolutions - I want to lose weight, eat healthier, and improve my career. But what does that actually look like? In five years, what weight do you want to be at? What types of food are you consistently eating? Which position would you like to be in? Knowing this will help you create an actionable plan to achieve it.

2. Develop a habit register

Consider creating a "habit register" with three categories, so you can choose a habit to start each month with. You can start simply: mind, body, and health make great categories, and as you think up habits to consider, just add them to your lists. You'll always have a choice at the beginning of each month, and you'll make progress.

3. What is holding you back?

Think about some of the goals you had made in 2022 that were only partially met or not at all, then try to understand what was preventing you from reaching them. Finally, re-evaluate whether those goals are still important to you and if they are, what made you set them aside?

4. Don't postpone

Start now. No better time than today to work on those goals that have been sitting on the back burner. The time is now. Make it happen. Make this the year that you are ahead of your own game. Take the resol-actions!

If you have some great health and fitness goals for 2023, it will be essential to have a clear plan in place. Doing so can ensure that your efforts are focused and effective.

An essential aspect of achieving these goals will be to remain consistent. This means following your plan regularly, even when you don't feel like it. For example, it can be helpful to schedule regular exercise sessions or healthy meals into your daily routine so that they become a habit.

In addition to consistency, it will be important to be patient. Achieving your health goals can take time, and you may not see results immediately. It's important to remember that progress is often slow and steady. You can eventually reach your goals by staying patient and sticking with your plan.

One way to stay motivated and on track with your health goals is to surround yourself with supportive people. This can include friends, family, and fun fitness communities who share your goals and can provide encouragement, advice, and accountability, which can be crucial in helping you stay focused and committed to your plan.

It all starts with you. Your mindset and your determination to take action.

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