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Masculine fashion

Photographs: Vanessa Petersen

Text: Vanessa Petersen

"Is it true what they say…that a daughter's first love is her dad?" I understand the answer to this question is relative to the person answering, but for the following 653 words…my inspiration will come from my dad.

Masculine fashion (yep…jumping right to the topic at hand) is an ode to all dads worldwide. Who would've thought that your father's weekend mowing the lawn outfit would be a saturated 'fit check' now? Similar to the mom jean effect, adding the word 'Dad' to any article of clothing automatically increases its retro appeal.

#1 The dad hat

This is the most effortless accessory to enter the 'Dad/Masculine' fashion realm. Throwing on a faded and boneless snapback or baseball cap and viola. Dad hats can be seen all over the streets of your favourite style influencers. Not only are they trend-appropriate, but they also serve functional purposes too. We all crave the secrets of slowing the ageing process - sun exposure is a notorious culprit. So wearing a hat also helps to decrease the UV radiation…but with style.

#2 The dad blazer

"Do you remember going into your dad's closet and trying on his clothes?"... "Oh wait…maybe it's your mom's closet?" I think it's safe to say that I preferred more masculine structures…even as a mini fashionista. Oversized clothing seems to be a movement that continues to gain traction. Little to no thought can go into the foundation of your outfit, but as soon as you put on a dad blazer…it becomes classic.

#3 The dad sneaker

'I still cannot believe that my 2nd-grade pair of sneakers are in style' However, I am shamelessly guilty of buying into the dad sneaker look. New Balance has had this fad in a headlock, and I must admit the sneakers are comfortable…good posture approved. The fact that I can 'twinning' with my father is just an added bonus. If you combine the first three paragraphs of this article, it's already a fashion win (just a bit cheeky - sorry, Dad).

#4 The boyfriend jeans (Or dad jeans)

My husband absolutely 'loves' the masculine trend and never wonders where his clothes have disappeared to. So now that I have properly gotten the sarcasm out of the way let's dive into denim for him and her. Baggy jeans (esp cargo) have been an all-year-round staple for most. Like the mom jean, the structure includes various body shapes and sizes. So you will be happy with the loose design if you are rocking his jeans with a crop top or 'dad shirt' (a foreshadowing to the next paragraph).

#5 The dad shirt

When I imagine what a dad shirt means to me - I picture a 'Weekend At Bernie's'. I may be revealing my age and generation, but you (yes, you…reading this) are like family to me…so that's okay. The fact that our dads put no effort into the now coveted looks is irony at its finest. Think of your dad's vacation shirt, barbecuing top, or his most cherished lounging around the house jersey and imagine you wearing it. Hawaiian shirt vibes paired with socks and loafers have been getting a lot of social media love - and I am here for it.

#6 Dad shorts

This last 'Dad Approved' piece is probably self-explanatory. The dad short is essentially the dad jeans cut DIY (Do it yourself) style. The structures can come in varieties such as Bermuda, cargo, and board shorts. The dad shorts are a more relaxed fit and complement many different body types. I love the lax fit; it allows me to add shape to my already boyish frame. "Can I confess something?"...I have worn my Dad shorts with cowboy boots combo at least four times this week.


My father is probably one of the most influential people in the core stages of early life. I am now even prouder that I can officially dress like him too. Among other things, I wanted to mention you can achieve all of these looks sustainably and thrift your dad.

Happy Father's Day to him!

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